What Happened To Olivia On 'The Bachelor'? Her Panic Attack Was Brought On By The Talent Show

Monday night's episode of The Bachelor started out innocently enough with Ben Higgins taking the remaining women to Las Vegas. So obviously, the first group date in Sin City was to perform in a talent show while being judged by an actual puppet. Yes, this is real, not that it surprises anybody in the slightest on this show. And, unfortunately, it resulted in Olivia having a panic attack after her performance, and it's the first time all season we've seen her anything less than 100 percent secure in her future with Ben. But, what happened to Olivia on The Bachelor to make her feel that way?

To her credit, her performance was actually kind of cute. She wore a sexy show girl outfit (complete with an obscenely large headdress made of red feathers) and jumped out of a cake, and instead of making it a full-on sexy thing, she decided to ham it up and make it funny. But, when she got off the stage and hugged Ben, she immediately retreated to the dressing rooms, and that's where her panicking began. It didn't really hit her until after it was over how far outside of her comfort zone she'd gotten, and for some reason, she thought that Ben's awkward hug indicated that she'd royally embarrassed him, and thus the self-described panic attack.

Fortunately, she and Ben were able to reconnect after the date, and he reassured her that he wasn't embarrassed about the performance at all. See, Olivia? No big deal. It's kind of surprising that someone who is on camera as a newscaster for a living was that mortified by putting herself out there like that, but it happens to the best of us.

Olivia's confidence might be shaken, but I have a feeling it won't be for long. Something tells me this girl has a killer bounce back rate!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC