Rafael's Mother Is Mutter On 'Jane The Virgin,' But The Danger Is Far From Over

I've witnessed some serious family drama scenarios go down on television, but Jane the Virgin is definitely giving all those predecessors a run for their money. So far, we've spent a majority of this season wondering who Mutter was on Jane the Virgin and now we finally have an answer, but it came with an extra special surprise twist. You see, up until now, viewers were led to believe that Luisa's mother was the evil drug lord in question that Michael has been searching for. However, after Monday night's episode, it was revealed that not Luisa's mother wasn't guilty at all. In fact, Mutter's true identity belonged to Rafael's mother instead. That's right, my friends — Rafael's mother, Elena, is Mutter and unfortunately it seems as though the danger is only going to escalate from here.

All we knew about Elena up until now was that she left Rafael when he was only four years old after his father offered her a handsome sum of $10 million to go away and never come back. But she's recently started trying to get back in touch with him, hoping they could make up for lost time. However, it turns out that she had ulterior motives that had nothing to do with maternal instincts. What she really wants is to track down Sin Rosetro's flash drive that Michael gave away in exchange for Mateo's safe return (presumably so she can find and kill Rose once and for all?).

The only problem is that poor Rafael ended up getting caught in the crossfire. After taking Petra's advice and hearing his mom out, he went to go look at something in the other room during her visit and noticed that some of his mom's belongings were wrapped in a silk tie — something he remembered Michael saying was Mutter's usual trademark. But before he could properly react to what he had discovered, Elena came up behind him and injected him with something while to demanding to know where the flash drive was. Of course, he has no idea of its current whereabouts, but that doesn't put him in any less danger.

The only thing that he has on his side right now is the fact that Michael has now come to the same conclusion and will undoubtedly be hot on Elena's trail. But considering everything that we now know Mutter is capable of, there's no telling how she'll choose to use Rafael as leverage. And, obviously, this opens up a wide range of other questions like who the man was that Elena cheated on Rafael's father with? Is he an accomplice of hers? What's her connection to Sin Rosestro? I suppose only time will tell, but in the meantime, feel free to panic.

Image: The CW