What Men Really Want For Valentine's Day

It goes without saying that Valentine's Day isn't a man's favorite day of the year, so when it comes down to it, it's tricky to say (or even consider) what men really want for Valentine's Day. Without asserting it evokes any of these things among the female set, it can be said for certain that roses and restaurant reservations don't inspire a palpitating heart among the holiday's male participants.

Instead, Feb. 14 is often associated with emotions like dread and discomfort when considering the collective experience of our counterparts. Whether you yourself are a fan of V-Day or not, what's certain is that any guy in your life is probably less enthusiastic than you. Even for a dude who's trying to embrace the lover's holiday, the pressure is almost debilitating — culture and commercialism have set up some very strict guidelines he's expected to follow and it's nearly impossible to survive all 24 hours of it without being forced to face an alarming level of high expectations and equal (or more) portions of disappointment.

Classic Valentine's Day marketing caters to women — or, more accurately, men buying for women. So to better understand the holiday through a male's perspective, I sought answers through Facebook, Reddit, and word of mouth, to determine what exactly men want for Valentine's Day.

1. "To not have to do anything or be expected to do anything special just because it's Valentine's Day." — Michael, 27

He wasn't the only one who shared this sentiment. Second to things of sexual nature, not being expected to do anything at all was the most popular response.

2. "To hold hands and giggle with bae, while drinking Franzia and eating pizza. But not heart-shaped pizza. That is a rip off and you get less pizza per pie." — Martin, 28

A man that uses "bae" and knows his math.

3. "Me personally, I just want electronics or gadgets etc. I don't want my wife to get anything Valentine's day related. Just get me the things I want...very simple." —Anonymous

Cut out the romance and rename Valentine's Day his birthday.

4. "Steak." — Anonymous

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

5. "Long sexual encounter followed by Italian food (Fazoli's) and The X-Files (season 3)" — Evan, 30

Kudos to a man who knows exactly what he wants.

6. "Professionally taken pin-up photos of my girlfriend." — Erick, 26

Actually an adorable and romantic request.

7. "Peace of mind." — Anonymous

On Valentine's Day your best bet for this is being single.

8. "Beer." — Alex, 27

Set the bar low, and head to the bar.

9. "A beer and something naked." — Anonymous

Could you be more specific?

10. "Sex." — Anonymous (Actually, multiple anonymous.)

How original.

11. "Sex. Followed by more sex." — Anonymous

And then some.

12. "What men want for Valentine's Day differs. Many probably just don't want to have to fuss too much. Some just want women." — Anonymous

Words of wisdom.

13. "Beer. More beer." — Anonymous

We get the picture.

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