Kylie Jenner Reportedly Makes Fun Of Rob Kardashian On Instagram, But Is It Really Just A Joke?

I have two siblings. Sometimes we get along swimmingly and other times we plot each other's demises. It's just how the whole brother and sister, sister and sister, brother and brother, thing works, you know? So, hearing that there's a Kardashian-Jenner feud of sorts between siblings isn't exactly surprising. Well, until you hear the specifics of said feud, which make an Instagram Kylie Jenner reportedly posted about Rob Kardashian that much more questionable.

If you haven't heard the soap opera-like story, there's been an Internet uproar over the possibility that Rob is dating Blac Chyna, who the ex-fiancée of Tyga, who Kylie is currently dating. Apparently, the situation is so scandalous, that Khloé Kardashian has even seemingly questioned her brother's decision. You know, the one who she usually defends to the death. But the thing is, Khloé isn't the only one flexing her shady social media fingers. The youngest Jenner has gotten in on the fun. (Depending upon what your definition of fun is, I suppose.)

ATwitter fan account called UpdateJenner claims Kylie re-posted (and then deleted) a meme that shows a picture of an impressively drawn cartoon devil with a note that reads, "My 7 year old little brother just drew this what does this mean?" and with a reaction tweet below it that says, "It means he's not your brother anymore b*tch get out the house." But that's not even the "WTF" of the whole thing. It's the caption Kylie allegedly gave the meme. She reportedly wrote, "This is @robkardashian lol."

On a normal day, I wouldn't blink an eye. After all, I enjoy this sort of dark humor. Bu isn't it just a wee bit weird given the timing? Listen, it could definitely be a joke. I'll play devil's advocate and give her the benefit of the doubt here. She did write, "lol" after asserting her brother was a Satan-possessed artist. So, yeah, it could totally be a joke that was meant to quell all the talk of their being a rift between them. Another reason to think it was all in good fun? According to VH1, The Shade Room Instagram account offered up a screen shot of Rob replying to Jenner's Instagram. He allegedly wrote, "Yo I'm dying @kyliejenner," with a series of pain-faced and crying emojis.

But we also have to take into consideration that she deleted the post; an incredibly telling move in this impulsively driven social media day and age. I know, being devil's advocate is hard, guys. But I have to ask, if it was just a joke, then why did she delete it? Could Rob's comment just have been sarcasm as a way to show he wasn't fazed by it? Let's also factor in that a source told People ,"Kylie is livid. She feels super betrayed and can't understand why someone in her own family would stab her in the back like that." Arguably, things are not looking too peachy for them right now, and that's without even considering the deleted meme.

While I hate to admit it, with this kind of speculation stacked up, it certainly seems like shade to me. Or thinly veiled shade disguised as a joke that she later realized didn't go over so hot. Phew! That's a lot to take in. Oh, one last tally in the shade column — Kylie posted the meme on Instagram. The very same place that Chyna posted the initial picture of herself and Rob together. I guess in a way, now they're all on the exact same playing field, so to speak.

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