J. Law's Real-Life Hunger Games for 'X-Men'

Jennifer Lawrence has been the queen of the silver screen ever since she debuted in Hollywood less than four years ago. Now an Oscar nominee, J. Law has proven her chameleon abilities as she transformed from the heroine of The Hunger Games to a kooky '70s housewife in American Hustle. Her most physically demanding transformation, though, is clearly seen in her performance as Mystique in X-Men: First Class and the newest addition to the series, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

We got the newest glimpse of Hollywood's it girl on the cover of movie magazine Empire 25, which shows Mystique's classic blue second-skin body paint suit in promotion of the film that will hit theaters in late May. While there is no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence has always looked strong and beautiful in her films regardless of the particular role, the actress known for being frank about her body in the media — she talked about her arm's "vagina fat" on the SAG Awards red carpet — J. Law undoubtedly sacrificed a lot to fit this role for X-Men. And she's the first to admit it.

When Lawrence was making her first X-Men film, she told Shape magazine that she was "hungry for five months" while dieting for the role and worked out two hours every day with trainer James Duigan. Duigan told Shape that Lawrence lifted her behind so much that the costume designers had to remake her prosthetic.

We get it — to play the legendary comic character Mystique, you have to look the part and the part requires zero clothing and all of the body paint. We just hope that critics and audiences alike pay more attention to Lawrence's stellar performance than to her higher butt prosthetic. But, we're not too concerned — J. Law has an almost perfect track record for gaining recognition for her acting instead of just her physical appearance and we're confident it will only continue.

Check out her transformation below: