'RHOBH' Should Focus On Kathryn's Current Marriage

by Marenah Dobin

It was only on the Jan. 19 episode that we met Kathryn Edwards on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , but I'm already intrigued. This lady has really hit the ground running with her story lines — no boring filler footage with this one. To catch you up to speed, everyone is obsessing over Kathryn's marriage to her first husband Marcus Allen, because Kyle Richards' BFF, and frequent RHOBH pot stirrer, Faye Resnick wrote a book that mentions the O.J. Simpson trial and alleges Marcus had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson that "set O.J. off to murder her," according to Bravo. (For the record, Marcus denied having a sexual relationship with Nicole during a court testimony in 1996.) Well damn, that's some heavy stuff. But let's focus on the here and now: Kathryn is happily married to her current husband Donnie Edwards and that's a way better conversation for her, I'm sure. As proof, just look at all the cute pics of Kathryn and Donnie out there. They really seem to be a super cute couple.

I can't believe that Faye Resnick and some instigation from Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna brought Kathryn's old marriage into the spotlight. I get that it was obviously going to come up eventually considering the circle we're talking about, but did they need to confront her about that during her first scenes of filming? No, they did not! So let's turn the attention to something a little more upbeat and see how adorable Kathryn's current marriage is! Check out the photos of these 13 great Edwards memories.

1. Kissing On Their Wedding Day

The Edwards look happy and in love in this wedding day throwback that Kathryn posted.

2. Dressing Up For Oktoberfest

I live for a good themed event. You know a couple is fun when they are willing to get silly and wear some costumes for a party. I can't help but love this photo.

3. Looking Glamorous At A Big Event

In all honesty, this photo gives me zero insight into the Edwards' marriage, but it does prove that they are a good looking couple.

4. Hot Tubbing In Hawaii

Typically, pretty much anything associated with a jacuzzi is pretty tacky, but this is actually a pretty sweet photo of the couple.

5. Enjoying Red Rock

It's almost possible to ignore Red Rock in this one. Kathryn and Donnie are just so sweet that the nature literally blends into the background.

6. Kissing At Sunset

This is a perfect picture if I've ever seen one. The beautiful sunset in the background, the kissing couple, I could go on and on. It's definitely a great shot.

7. Sitting On A Bench

You know what they say, the couple who wears matching sunglasses together, stays together. Well, nobody actually says that, but in this case it's so true.

8. Posing For A Selfie

I cannot even handle the genetics here. Holy hotness.

9. Going Out To Dinner

Kathryn and Dennis even make going out for dinner look cute. I barely "know" them, but I love them already.

10. Soaking Up The Sun

The couple looks super relaxed on the beach together. I'm jealous!

11. Jumping In The Snow

What an active couple! I feel like they do so many fun things together. They even make the freezing cold snowy weather look enjoyable. Props to them.

12. Floating In The Dead Sea

Kathryn and Donnie are always traveling. They really are a global couple.

13. Acting Like Tourists In Milan

These two look stunning (as usual) while they sightsee in Milan. Could they be any more perfect? I don't think so.

I totally get why RHOBH is using Kathryn's last marriage as a story line: anything related to the O.J. Simpson trial is some pretty juicy stuff. With that said, I really hope that Kathryn and Donnie get some shine this season. It's so clear that they are a happy and loving couple. And in a rare feat, I don't even find their social media posts showing off their love to be annoying. Let's bring the focus to the Edwards' marriage instead of Kathryn's former life as Mrs. Marcus Allen.