Kanye West’s ‘Swish’ Album Release Concert Event Announcement Will Leave You With These 26 Questions

Just like he tweet-promised a few weeks ago, legend among legends Kanye West will indeed share Swish with the world on the second Thursday of the second month of this year. But because this is the deity Yeezus we are talking about, it is not going to be your run-of-the-mill album release situation. According to Pitchfork, Mr. West will unveil his seventh album and show Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11, 2016. If you want to attend what is sure to be a life-changing event, tickets will be available for purchase this Friday.

Not going to be in NYC on Yeezus Thursday (aka Thurzus) but would like to be a part of the magic? Redditors have located different theaters around the world that will show the Swish/Yeezy Season 3 livestream. So, if that list happens to include your city, you could plop down in a movie theater and check out the Swish/Yeezy Season 3 broadcast.

Am I excited about this announcement? Duh. Do I have some questions about this announcement? Duh. Am I about to share my questions for this announcement? Duh.

  1. OK, what exactly is happening on Feb. 11?
  2. Will Kanye take the MSG stage and perform all of Swish from “Nina Chop” to “Wolves”?
  3. Or will Kanye sit in the middle of the MSG stage, press PLAY on a boom box, and hold the microphone up to the speaker?
  4. Is this a concert or is it a listening party?
  5. Will the Swish debut and the Yeezy Season 3 debut happen simultaneously?
  6. Like, will Swish be the runway show soundtrack?
  7. Or will Ye give each of his projects their own time in the spotlight?
  8. Will Kim be there?
  9. If so, will she be onstage?
  10. Oo! Oo! Might she emcee the whole shebang?
  11. Will there be confetti? I love confetti!
  12. Will there be glitter? I love glitter!
  13. Will there be at least one smog machine? I love smog machines!
  14. Will the Yeezus Tour mountain swing by? I love the Yeezus Tour mountain!
  15. Will a livestream made available to the rest of us?
  16. Or are those of us who can’t make it to MSG or to the theaters screening the Swish unfurling just S.O.L.?
  17. If we are indeed S.O.L., can we at least look forward to the album being made available for purchase on that day?
  18. Or is it wrong to assume that Feb. 11 is the day Swish will go on sale?
  19. Like, is Feb. 11 just the day Swish says “HELLO, WORLD!” only to go back into the beautiful and glamorous sea cave I assume the album calls home?
  20. Why a sea cave? Eh, I don’t know. Just feels right.
  21. Whatever the case may be, how am I supposed to remain calm on that Thursday?
  22. Heck, how am I supposed to remain calm until that Thursday?
  23. Should I get my inhaler refilled ASAP?
  24. I should probably get my inhaler refilled, right?
  25. Will this be the album of the year?
  26. Or will this be the album of the life?

Well, that answers Qs 25 and 26.