This School Wants to Help You Find Happiness

Hey single ladies, looking to add some pleasure to your independent, possibly lonely life? Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts is here to help you find your inner sister goddess! Though it may sound like something Carrie attended for her column in Sex and the City, this school is real, and real women from all over the world attend the workshops on New York's Lower East Side, the Daily News reports.

Mama Gena, formally known as Regena Thomashauer, has been developing her program for 15 years, and now conducts weekly seminars at her School of Womanly Arts.

What are womanly arts, you ask? Thomashauer discusses key aspects to embracing your inner sister goddess, such as The Womanly Art of Whetting Your Own Appetite, Having Fun No Matter What, Partying with your Inner Bitch, and Owning and Operating Men, among others. The school also tells students to find pleasure by indulging in their favorite dessert, using their best grapefruit body scrub in the shower or rocking out to a bouncy Beyoncé song before leaving the house in the morning. Did we mention women pay for this?

Tuition costs $4,550- $6550 and no scholarships are available, as "Mama Gena knows that you are capable of creating anything and everything that you desire." Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of women with paralyzing student loans.

“I am the leader of the pleasure revolution. Pleasure is a value that everyone longs for, but our culture does not really acknowledge the importance of,” Thomashauer told the New York Daily News.

But what is this "pleasure revolution"? Do women in 2014 really need workshops to teach them essentially how to function as a human being? Over 16,000 Facebook fans seem to think so. The feminine advice guru's face is all over her brand. Is she promoting herself or women's well being?

Of course, female empowerment is always a good thing. Self improvement and self awareness is always positive, and teaching women to love themselves no matter what state they're in is a noble cause. But do desserts, Beyonce songs, and citrus body scrub truly make intelligent, independent, feminist women happy? Let's hope there's a little more substance to the course, and women aren't just emptying their wallets for some cult-like scheme.