How Did Gina Rodriguez & Ben Schwartz Meet? They Have A History Of Attending The Same Hollywood Parties

Welcome to the happiest news this side of Tuesday: Us Weekly reports that Gina Rodriguez is dating Ben Schwartz! Rodriguez, for those who don't know but absolutely should, is the star of the CW's Jane the Virgin, recipient of a 2015 Golden Globe (and maker of this incredible speech), as well as an outspoken advocate for diversity in entertainment. Ben Schwartz currently stars on House of Lies, spent five years on Parks & Recreation as the not-so-suave Jean-Ralphio, and has a Twitter full of delightful dad jokes like this one about peanut butter and jelly. Clearly, the two are a match made in heaven (just look how adorable they are cozying up to each other at the WBC Championship over the weekend in the picture above!) And now that you have the lowdown on the actors themselves, let's back it up a sec and revisit their humble beginnings: How did Gina Rodriguez and Ben Schwartz meet?

Rodriguez, 31, and Schwartz, 34, obviously run in the same circles — they're both 30-something actors in Hollywood with starring roles on successful shows — and have attended the same events in the past. While it's difficult to pinpoint the exact moment the two met based solely on reports (I'm just waiting for one of the actors themselves to confirm the happy news and gush about their relationship, TBH), there is evidence that they were attendees at the same Hollywood parties over the course of the years. So it's safe to assume that the two chatted it up and got to know each other at events, as people do.

Take this March 2015 report from JustJared that details that both actors attended Family Clinic's Silver Circle Gala at the Four Seasons hotel. Was this their meet-cute moment? Did they each spot each other from across the room and fall hopelessly (and maybe awkwardly) in love at first sight? Those details are all pure speculation (and me being a sucker for a cheesy romance), but we know they at least were both there. As for the details, a girl can dream.

The stars once again found themselves in the same place at the same time at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere after-party back in December, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Was this their meet-cute — or maybe just a moment of reconnection? Or maybe they were even dating by this point (it was only a month ago, after all) and just kept things on the down-low. Regardless, it sure seems like the Star Wars party was the catalyst for the Gina Rodriguez/Ben Schwartz romance, and I can get behind that.

As for their relationship, it certainly seems like both parties are enjoying each other's company.

"She's so happy. She thinks he is so great and all of her friends love him," an Us insider revealed. And looking at those cheesy grins on their faces in that WBC pic, it's obvious that their happiness is palpable.

Image: Giphy