Wedding Cake Looks Like A Genuine Amethyst Geode

Talk about having some good vibes on your big day! While many couples opt for an elaborate cake to celebrate their wedding, others take it to another level entirely. This design in particular has been making it's way around the internet lately – and it's as complex as it is completely delicious. The amethyst geode wedding cake was the creation of Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design. She was brought on to make it for the launch of First Look Events, a boutique planning company owned by Brynn Swanson. The cake served as the centerpiece for one of three “emotion” inspired vignettes that evening. The amethyst geode was part of the vignette that showcased "Joy," and it included rich textures, deep colors and tons of light. In case you had any doubts: the vibe that night was all about natural beauty. "Joy speaks of experiencing something that pleases the eye, warms your heart or soothes the soul," Rachael said of the night.

The cake itself is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy, and was crafted using multicolored modeling chocolate on fondant covered cake. It took a whopping 16 hours to create, and that's not including all the time that went into the planning! "I was given several pieces of inspiration to draw ideas from, including actual geodes, a beautiful illustration, and a variety of table decor items like plates, chargers, and geometric floral arrangements," Rachael told Bustle. "I knew I wanted to create a show stopping cake and use the geode as the focal point creating an awe-inspiring visual experience for the guests."

Rachael grew up baking with her Hungarian grandmother, but didn't discover her passion for cake decorating until later in life. She began taking classes in 2001 and by 2006, she had started her own company (Intricate Icings). Now, she's scaled back to focus solely on custom designed, luxury wedding and event cakes, which means that yes, you too could feast on something like the amethyst geode.

Rachael's work has been recognized everywhere from episodes of Food Network Challenge to the pages of Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot. She's been awarded many times, including being named one of Martha Stewart Weddings' top pastry professionals in the country, and one of Brides Magazine's "Top 100 Bakeries." Brides also featured Rachael in the "50 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes" and "America's Prettiest Wedding Cakes."

Images: Intricate Icings Cake Design (3)

Planning by First Look Events; Moss Denver Venue:; Photography by Ali N Garrett