11 Truths To Know Before Getting A Brazilian

by Lindsey Rose Black

To all the women who've gotten a full-on Brazilian wax or are considering one, you're braver than me. I personally lack the courage to do anything more than trim and occasionally shave my nether regions, but I've scouted out all the truths to know before getting a Brazilian for those of you that are all about the waxing life. All I can say is good luck!

Just in case "Brazilian" is an unfamiliar term to you, allow me to elaborate. When getting a traditional Brazilian wax, The Atlantic explained, "An esthetician pours wax heated to 140° F onto [the] labia ... Half a minute later, she swiftly peels away the hardened wax—and with it, a full crop of pubic hair, freshly ripped from the follicles." Ouch, but plenty of women consider the pain well worth it to have a bare vag.

Even though I personally haven't had a Brazilian experience, I've been the "emotional support friend" for more than one of my besties. To get a deeper look into what to expect before your first Brazilian, I would totally recommend checking out Amy Sciarretto's article on the emotional stages of getting a Brazilian.

Whether you're a rookie or a pro, the below truths to know about Brazilian waxing will help you have the most painless experience and achieve the longest lasting results.

1. Ibuprofen Is Your Friend

Advil, $14.57, Advil

Christi Alldredge, a senior specialist at Spruce & Bond shared with Elite Daily, "It’s a really good idea to take ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment.” It’ll help reduce the discomfort." Worth it.

2. Your Period Will Make It Worse

Your whole body is more sensitive right before and during your period, so always shoot to schedule your appointments for after because why make a Brazilian hurt worse than it has to?

3. Your Hair Has To Be Long Enough

Funny enough, you need at least 1/4 inch length hair before scheduling a Brazilian to rip it all off. The wax has to have something to grip to!

4. Bringing Your Own Tweezers Is Wise

Slant Tweezers, $7.97, TweezerGuru

In the words of Bustle's Emily Siegel, "[Communal tweezers] have been with more women than Joey Tribbiani, and often come into contact with bodily fluids." To prevent any yucky cross contamination that could lead to possible infection, always bring your own pair in case your waxer decides to pluck a few stray hairs.

5. Asking For Fresh Wax Isn't Rude

Asking for a fresh pot of wax doesn't make you a diva, it makes you a responsible advocate for your health and safety. Just like communal tweezers, wax can sometimes be reused if you don't specifically ask for a fresh one.

6. Taking A Bath Before Can Reduce Pain

Hot water opens up your pores and softens hair follicles so things should glide out as easily as possible.

7. You're Going To Be Exposed

This may be obvious, but getting a Brazilian wax is going to require you to be totally nude down there. Make sure you're comfortable with letting a stranger get that close and personal before you schedule your appointment.

8. The Wax Will Hit Your Booty

A true Brazilian doesn't just get your vag. Brace yourself to turn over and get waxed between your booty cheeks, too!

9. Ingrown Hairs Can Happen

Ingrown Hair Serum, $25, European Wax Center

Just like waxing or shaving anywhere, Brazilians can end in painful ingrown hairs if you're not careful. Fortunately, there are plenty of serums out there designed specifically to reduce bumps, inflammation, and redness.

10. Being Bare Increases Your Risk Of Infections

This is in no way meant to scare you, but Health shared, "We have pubic hair for a reason ... It acts as a shield against bacteria, allergens, and other unwanted pathogens. Stripping away that natural barrier puts you at higher risk of irritation or infection in the vaginal area." Protect your lady parts by always wearing clean undies!

11. Sex Or Exercise Right After Is A Bad Idea

Too much sweat down there during the first twenty-four hours could really irritate an already majorly tender situation. Wait at least a day after your Brazilian wax to have sex or hit up spin class.

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