What Will Season 6 of 'AHS' Be About?

by Alexandra Watt

The creators in charge of American Horror Story have certainly not failed to totally freak us out over the past five seasons. Coming in hot with a haunted house trope in Season 1, it’s safe to say that the themes have only escalated in creepiness over the years: witches, killer clowns, and drill bit dildos have kept us watching (with our hands over our eyes). Though the show has definitely run the gamut of terrible tropes, we still have to wonder — what are some rumored themes for season 6 of American Horror Story?

The FX show has proven itself to be a master class in reinvention, smashing prototypical television molds as easily as the murderers in the show bludgeon various innocent (and not so innocent victims). Each season features members of previous casts, and Lady Gaga, who has gone from chanteuse to Golden Globe winning actress, has already been publicly invited by Jon Falchuk to return. Who will she, and the rest of the cast that has already signed on to star, be playing?

The rumors surrounding American Horror Story are always bountiful, so let’s take a look at the ones that seem to be the most promising.

American Horror Story: Cruise Ship?

As if the concept of being trapped at sea with hundreds of retirees isn't horrifying enough, one prevailing rumor is that the next season of AHS will be set aboard a cruise ship. According to this article published by

Portal, FX CEO John Landgraf said that the series will be taking place in "two time periods...but principally in the present." Fingers crossed that they will incorporate a demon Titanic story in there somewhere.

American Horror Story: Cult?

EnStars has several theories on what the next season of AHS will center on, one of them being cults. Though I think this might be low hanging fruit since the concept of cult-like activity is intrinsically terrifying, it could make for some great television. I hope the "mole people" Doomsday cult from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is involved — could be a fantastic crossover, FX, just sayin'.

American Horror Story: Camp?

If they want to stay true to the title, then by all means, the most horrific part of American summers for some is summer camp. EnStars points out that this theme would "bring back the youthful energy of Coven," and I would love nothing more than to see Emma Roberts or Evan Peters scaring the shit out of someone around a campfire, or Lady GaGa popping up beneath someone's bunk beds. Yes to this.

American Horror Story: The Woodlands?

EnStars credits this possibility to karlpfeiffer.wordpress.com, who provides substantial thought about why the next season will be set in a wooded setting. I can totally see this: creepy cabin setting, typical crazy slashers, plus bears and the possibility that your beer supply will run out. The horror!

American Horror Story: Mars?

EnStars reports that Ryan Murphy once publicly decried a full-out space theme, but perhaps they could integrate some extraterrestrials into American life, like they did in Coven? I still want to see Kathy Bates or Jessica Lange in zero gravity, so I dare to believe.