These Kanye/Wiz Twitter Feud Memes Are Genius

January isn't even over yet, and there is already a contender for best celebrity feud of 2016, thanks to Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa's epic Twitter feud. What started with Khalifa calling out West's new album title WAVES, led to some seriously bizarre Tweets, mostly from West. Ranging from the weird (West insults/praises Khalifa's pants?) to the out of line (every insult West hurled at Khalifa's family), the Twitter exchange was like the most hardcore tennis match ever, with West continuing to play long after Khalifa left the court. Of course, fans have been enthralled by the back and forth which kicked into high gear when West thought Khalifa dissed his wife Kim Kardashian (he didn't — Khalifa's tweet, "Hit this kk and become yourself," was actually talking about his own brand of weed, "Khalifa Kush" — the acronym for which is "KK").

Because the Internet is a glorious place, the fan reactions and memes the feud inspired have been even more hilarious than West's tirade. From the inspired to the way too real, these reactions to West and Khalifa's Twitter standoff are too good not to share. Do yourself a favor and go pop some popcorn before you dive into these perfect fan reactions, then return to Twitter as fast as you can because it looks like West is readying himself for round two of the craziest Twitter feud of the year so far.

1. This Site Took A Masterclass In Flawless Simpsons Referencing

I also would have approved of the even more obscure Star Trek reference, "He's dead, Jim!"

2. Here Lies Khalifa?

While I'm not convinced Khalifa lost this fight, I cannot deny the sweet burn of this meme.

3. This User Is Onto To West

The timing is a bit suspicious, yes?

4. This Fan Is Everyone Who Wandered Into This Feud By Accident

Here I was thinking "kk" was a more polite way of saying OK than a single "k." This whole situation is like a The More You Know PSA from NBC, but like, with profanity.

5. The Sleepy Hollow Writers Had To Get In On The Action

Skinny jeans are the real loser in this fight.

6. This Fan Is All Of Us

What is even happening right now, guys?

7. This Fan Knows Today Belongs To West

Sorry, Rihanna, today is not the day to make announcements.

8. The Perfect Reaction To West's Most Bizarre Tweet

West is clearly way more powerful than anyone ever imagined — he controls the conception of other people's children. This is some next level Village of the Damned stuff.

9. Khalifa's Feels In Meme Form

It's OK, Khalifa, you and Taylor Swift should just go grab a coffee and chat.

10. This Graphic, But Flawless Review Of The Day

This situation is so surreal, explaining it to someone not on the Internet may be an actual impossibility.

11. How West Sees This Situation


12. Reality

Face it, Khalifa is chiller than everyone else on the planet.

13. Everyone Who Signed On An Hour Too Late

You missed everything!

May this feud continue to inspire memes long after it ends.