Keep Track Of 'RHONJ's Feuds With This Family Tree

A lot of things have gone down since 2009 when The Real Housewives of New Jersey first aired. Almost nothing is the same as it was then. Friendships have come and gone, cast members have dramatically left (and returned), and Teresa and Joe Guidice's entire legal drama was captured for all to see. So, it's not easy to keep it all straight in your head (sometimes, I've even considered taking notes). That's why we've created a Real Housewives of New Jersey family and feud tree, because I can't sit here waiting for RHONJ Season 7 to start and not keep myself busy!

I feel like there's no other family and feud tree that would look quite like this for any other city of the Real Housewives franchise. Not only is this one of the most familial cities (we have sisters, brothers, cousins, and twins coming at us left and right), but it's also one of the most feuding cities... just as I prefer it as a viewer (*rubs hands and laughs maniacally*). Because of that, relationships are tough to recall. Sometimes, a feud only lasts one episode... other times, a table gets flipped.

In the graph, you'll see just how everyone relates to each other. Some are connected by bloodline, some are connected by bloodline and "feud lines," (just go with it). Hey, no one said it would be easy, but this certainly makes it easier. From Season 1 to today, I now present the official Real Housewives of New Jersey family, friend, and foe tree.

Images: Alex Martinez/Bravo; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle