Who Plays Danny In 'Grease Live!'? Aaron Tveit Has More Than Proven Himself In Theater

Danny Zuko is one of the most recognizable roles in musical theater, and the 1978 film adaptation of Grease helped launch the many-decade career of John Travolta. Now FOX may help propel the superstardom of another actor who can sing, dance, and hand-jive with the best of them, simply by giving him the opportunity to play Danny Zuko in Grease Live! . This time around, Aaron Tveit is throwing on that iconic leather jacket. However, his biggest television role to date has been in the USA series Graceland, which doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence that he can anchor a highly anticipated musical. So who is Aaron Tveit, and does he really have the chops to play one of the most iconic roles in all of musical theater history?

Short answer: Yes, Tveit absolutely has the chops and is quite possibly the best choice possible to play Danny. He is of a younger generation of Broadway superstars who made a name for himself by working on national tours of musicals before landing big Broadway roles for himself. He's got charisma, vocal chops, and the perfect amount of confident swagger to pull off the tole. Still not convinced? Here's some evidence to prove that Grease fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to FOX's choice of Danny Zuko.

He Can Act

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Tveit's big break came from his role as Gabe Goodman in the groundbreaking rock musical Next To Normal. It took a hard look at mental illness, suicide, and drug abuse — not exactly typical fare for a musical — and Tveit's role as the teenage son of the family introduced him to Broadway as a force to be reckoned with.

He Can Dance

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Next To Normal may have been Tveit's breakout, but he solidified himself as a star when he originated the leading role of Frank Abagnale, Jr. in the musical Catch Me If You Can, based on the Steven Spielberg film. Tviet's Frank Abagnale Jr. is smart, smooth, and suave — not just in the way he speaks, but also in the way he moves. It's pretty easy to imagine the same actor using the proper amount of charm and confidence needed to pull off Danny Zuko.

He Can Sing

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Boy oh boy, can he sing. Right before he spent a few years on the song-less tv series Graceland, Tveit played a supporting role in the Les Misérables film adaptation as Enjolras and was far more on the Hugh Jackman side of the "singing talent" spectrum than the Russell Crowe side. When he wasn't working on Graceland, Tveit was still popping up here-and-there doing shows (like the one above) and showcasing his vocal range.

He's An Absolute Heartthrob

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I mean, come on. Hear him sing. Look at his face. Tveit is a 100 percent certified cutie that happens to have the voice of an angel. If nothing else, it's shocking that he didn't just end up becoming a real-life Danny Zuko, charming everyone he crossed paths with and driving a muscle car off into the sky.

Anyone worried that no one can do a better Danny Zuko than John Travolta probably doesn't know much about Tveit. He is not only perfect for the role, but he also has the capacity to be a major star once he's given the right opportunity. Perhaps his involvement in Grease Live! will be exactly what the world needs to come down with a case of Tveitmania, which many musical theater fans caught years ago.

Image: Tommy Garcia/FOX