Here's What Men Set Their Age Range To On Tinder

by Bobby Box

As perhaps a rarity who sought to find love, not sex, on dating apps, I – in my mid-twenties at the time – made sure to set my Tinder age range strategically at 19-30. But again, I wasn't looking for a hookup, so to this you may ask: What do most men set their age range to on Tinder? I will get to this answer eventually.

I personally selected this aforementioned range as I was already used to dating older women (but also made sure they were under 30 as I —ignorantly— assumed women older than that would want to start a family earlier than I would) and set my lowest possible age to 19, because I didn’t want to date a high-schooler and was told by my well-meaning parents that they could see me marrying a younger woman. Being legal drinking age didn’t hurt, either, I guess. (I'm Canadian.)

As evidenced by the responses I received from a group of men on the subject, all men strategically set their age ranges for different reasons – some seeking love, setting their ranges for similar reasons I did, and others set their ranges as wide as possible to have more profiles to swipe through as they presumably sit on the toilet.

Since the app doesn’t have many strategies one can apply prior to matching with another person, the age range has proven to be more strategic than originally perceived. Based on the responses of 12 men, here’s what guys set their age range to on Tinder, as well as their reasons why.

1. Daniel, 30

21-40. Cast a wide net and let me decide who is the best fit.

2. Rich, 30

27-32. Outside of school and in the workforce so we can relate.

3. Jake, 34

18-40. Tinder is about judging people on looks and I can’t do over 40 – well, maybe I could if she was really incredibly good-looking or something. On the other hand, I’ve got no problem picking up an 18-year-old from high school.

4. Tristan, 25

24 - 30. Because older girls tend to be cooler.

5. Joey, 32

When using it initially to date, six years younger to two years older. After I realized it wasn’t for me, I went all ages 18+ for more variety of pictures to go through.

6. Pete, 29

25 - 33. 25-year-olds are hot and reckless and 33-year-olds are mature.

7. Evan, 28

18-40. Because it's a hookup app. When I become more serious about finding a girlfriend, I'll opt for less superficial app (, etc.).

8. Dave, 40

18-39. Because love ain't got no age.

9. Andy, 29

18-65. The more darts you throw, the more that will land on the board.

10. Ed, 31

27-33. I've found women under 27 are too immature and inexperienced while those over 33 are often looking to start a family much sooner than I am.

11. Justin, 30


12. Macaulay, 28

18-52. I’m desperate.

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