Felicity Faced A Serious Struggle On 'Arrow'

Everyone talks to themselves. It's just a fact of life and completely normal. The only time you should probably start worrying about it is when that voice in your head not only talks back but actually materializes right in front of you. But that's exactly what happened to Felicity during Wednesday night's Arrow episode "A.W.O.L." After telling Oliver she wasn't ready to rejoin Team Arrow, Felicity took drugs and hallucinated seeing her gothic self back before her vigilante days. Now, to be clear, Felicity wasn't just popping pills for no reasons. They were prescribed to her to manage her pain, but the side effects allowed some very telling issues to bubble their way to the surface, which is where the return of Goth Felicity came into play and showed us a different side of the girl we've come to love.

Serving as her subconscious, Goth Felicity continuously mocked the real Felicity for all the choices she's made that led to her ending up in a wheelchair. She says she used to be strong and confident, but instead decided to hide her true self behind blonde hair and glasses. She even mentioned something about how she's been wearing a mask, which insinuates that the Felicity we know isn't really her true self. Not completely, anyway.

The good news is that whatever emotional turmoil she was going through with her inner-misunderstood self seems to have passed. Despite Goth Felicity's protests to stop trying to be a hero, she returned to the lair and gave a great speech to Oliver about how it wasn't their fault and that they'll bring down Damien Darhk together for the good of the city, not just themselves. However, I'm inclined to think that this struggle of hers won't entirely go away. In fact, it could be a clue as to what her new Arrow identity could end up being. The producers have already said that she won't become Oracle, but that doesn't mean she won't transform in some other way.

And now that she has her own official code name (Overwatch!), I'd say sky's the limit. But for now, only time will tell...

Image: Cate Cameron/ The CW