9 Chic Sneaks You Should Sport at Work

Sneakers are to footwear what joggers are to pants: A chic, fuss-free version of the look that brings street style edge to one's everyday wardrobe. Though the athletic shoe has enjoyed a loyal following in the land of fashion footwear for decades, it's taken the last few seasons for these kicks to confidently leap from sneakerheads-only to mainstream-level success. After all, who hasn't seen a set of Stan Smiths stomping the sidewalks around their hood lately, right?

While athletic shoes of some sort have been closet staples since forever (everyone, even your grandma, owns at least one pair), sneakers are no longer solely relegated to tennis courts, skate parks, or any other outdoor sporting activity that would sully otherwise-nice shoes. Thanks to the crazy amount of upscale customizable sneaks on the market, the comfy-cool shoe has never looked better as of late. Think about it: When you've got eight hours to go, are you conquering that cubicle in a flashy set of Roshes or your tired old heels?

Whether you're actually heading to spin class after work, or you just gravitate toward athleisure pieces because of their laid-back luxe look, a cool pair of sneakers is bound to get your day off on the right foot. Ahead, the sneakers that work double time as workwear and workout essentials.

Keds Taylor Swift Sneaky Cat Sneaker

Keds Taylor Swift Sneaky Cat Sneaker, $50.44, Amazon

Once Taylor Swift started posting pics of her own kitties (Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, of course), it was only a matter of time before the stylish pet motif made its way into her Keds collaboration. Take Tay's whimsical sneaks to the office with you to add a little mystery to your ensemble. Pairs well with red lipstick, sundresses, and a scathing notebook reviewing ex lovers. ("Starbucks lovers" welcome, as well.)

Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi

Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi , $70, Amazon

Whether you're a deep admirer of skate culture, you're long-boarding to work, or you simply have great taste in shoes, a set of Sk8-His belongs in your closet. Not only does the androgynous, menswear-inspired look never lose its curb appeal, but the awesome factor is heightened when you consider how comfortable you'll be all day. Ankle support should never be underestimated.

Puma Suede Classic

Puma Suede Classic, $65, Amazon

Were you too late to the Rihanna and Puma party? (A.k.a., did you decide you wanted creepers designed by Rihanna only after the shoes were going for $300?) Fear not! Puma's still got some great sneaks hiding up its sleeve. Wear this sharp suede pair into the office for a look that's just as sweet as it is street-smart.

New Balance Modern Classics Sneaker

New Balance Modern Classics Sneaker, $59.99, Amazon

What's in a name? Sometimes, all you need to know! Nothing makes a better wardrobe addition than an updated classic, and the New Balance 515 sneaker is no exception. The traditional silhouette will blend in with any pieces you already own, while the saturated palette is enough to wake up any outfit — workout clothes and office wear, included.

Saucony Originals Jazz Retro Sneaker

Saucony Originals Jazz Retro Sneaker, $60, Amazon

If you're ready for your sneakers to start making sweet, sweet music, then you should absolutely invest in a pair that has exactly that in its name! Throw on a simple white shirt and jeans, and get ready for these shoes to turn an otherwise-casual Friday look into an on-trend outfit ready to hit happy hour. (And if you have to chase down a cab, you're so much better prepared than your stiletto-stomping officemate.)

Adidas Stan Smith Originals

Adidas Stan Smith Originals, $74.99, Amazon

Break off a piece of the footwear trend that caught fire faster than those fur-lined Gucci loafers. Except this time, you're taking it one stylish sneaker-clad step forward. Diverge from the all-white with a few stripes look you've seen all over, and upgrade the sneaker to these goes-with-anything python-esque kicks. Bonus: If you're rocking the all-black-everything wardrobe, these shoes will spice up your uniform with a touch of texture.

Sam Edelman Margot Boot

Sam Edelman Margot Boot, $80, Amazon

Combine sophisticated with sporty in this suede-and-leather Sam Edelman beauty. What's not to love about mega-comfy elastic ankle covers, supple leather heels, and a sleek white wraparound sole? Bonus: Added warmth from the high-top style when your office's temperatures reach below freezing.

Luxmile Dream Girl Sneakers

Luxmile Dream Girl Sneakers, $95, Amazon

Can't decide between the patterned shoes, embellished kicks, and metallic sneaks? Easy: Choose all three. Leather and lace detailing coupled with a super plush footbed makes for the best office-to-gym sneaks you've ever seen. Plus, studs lining the heel add a thoughtful detail absent from most other sneaks on the market.

Nike Roshe Run

Nike Roshe Run, $116.32, Amazon

Roshe sneaks are perfect for the gal on the go. Lightweight with a breathable mesh upper that stands the test of time (the Roshe has been a sneakerhead staple since 2012), these colorful kicks are exactly what you need to upgrade your skinny-jeans-and-a-tee look. When it comes to brightening your day (sometimes Friday is just so far away), these are the shoes you want kicked up under your desk.

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