New Kendall Jenner #MyCalvin Shots Are Red Hot

Nothing comes between a girl and her Calvins! It's readily apparent that Kendall Jenner and Calvin Klein have quite a connection, even if it was Brooke Shields who uttered those famous words about a pair of the designer's jeans back in the '80s. The supermodel of the moment is posing for Calvin Klein's Spring 2016 campaign and she proves that CK's branded underthings are anything but boring basics. She shared new images, showing off her ripped abs in Calvin Klein undies and a tank and in wide-legged pants and a crop top, which fall in line with her personal, off-duty style. Jenner isn't showing a ton of skin, but she gets the point across. Undies are fashionable and you can and will feel sexy in CK intimates.

Jenner first posted a teaser video from her latest Calvin campaign, but it was comprised of super fast images of things like her eyes and lips flashing across the screen. It was scorching, for sure. But it was also "blink and you'll miss it."

The static images are even hotter, since you can really appreciate the model's natural beauty. Whether she is posing on a stool or dozing off in bed, Jenner is effortlessly stunning as she advances the brand.

Let's have a look at KJ x CK x Spring 2016 and what she does in her Calvins, since the crux of the campaign is what people "do" in theirs.

There is something so steamy about her arched back, the mega-long hair, and the unfinished hem of her pants.

Even nap time can be sexy. Jenner's hand is positioned under her shirt and it's suggestive, but not overly so. Who wouldn't want to lounge around or stack Zs in undies that look this good, right? Plus, Jenner is even photogenic when she's enjoying some sleepy time.

There you go! Jenner poses and sleeps in her Calvins. What do you do in yours?

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Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (2); Courtesy Calvin Klein (1)