'ANTI' Just Understands Your Life, OK?

by Kadeen Griffiths

How many times have you listened to ANTI since the album was released early on Tidal on Wednesday night? If you can actually supply a numerical answer, then the real answer is, "Not enough times." When Rihanna released ANTI, Tidal exclusive or no Tidal exclusive, she was giving us the gift of great music to carry us through our day and into the weekend. However, that's not the only thing that the words of ANTI will carry us through. There are ANTI lyrics for every life situation, because, naturally, Rihanna gets us. She gets us so well that even her songs that appear to be about one thing can be applied to another thing. Rihanna's words are universal, and her music is catchy enough that her message will stick in your head long after you're forced to take out your headphones and actually deal with the world.

In all honesty, you can pretty much take anything and apply it to be about anything. It's not like it's hard. But when it comes to a pop star like the unapologetic Rihanna, her words can be applied to the types of situations that would normally make us want to crawl back into bed and do nothing. They can be applied to the types of situations that make us want to crawl into someone else's bed and do something. They can be applied to the types of situations that make us want to order takeout and stay in our homes just listening to ANTI on repeat. Check out the ANTI lyrics that totally apply to these 11 life situations, and know that it's just a small sample of the universality of Rihanna's lyrics.

1. When It's Monday Morning & Your Day's Off To A Bad Start

I believed all of your dreams are fruition You took my heart and my keys and my vision


2. When You're Having A Bad Hair Day

I needed you to please give my reflection a break From the face it’s seeing now Darling would you mind giving my reflection a break From the pain it’s feeling now?


3. When Your Younger Sibling Goes On Their First Date

No, you don't need my protection But I'm in love, can't blame me for checking I look in your direction, hoping that the message goes

—"Close To You"

4. When Your Shift At Work Is Over But You Still Have Assignments Left To Do

I don't even really care about you no more


5. When You're Trying To Get A Job & Your Interview Went Really Well

You ain’t leaving me behind I know you won't 'cause we share common interests


6. When You Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Need Some Coffee

No matter what I do I’m no good without you And I can’t get enough

—"Love On The Brain"

7. When You Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Need Some Pizza

All the signs I don't read Two sides of me can't agree When I breathe in too deep Going with what I always longed for

—"Same Ol' Mistakes"

8. When You're At The Club & So Over This Guy Trying To Get With You

I'd rather be smoking weed Whenever we breathe Every time you kiss me Don't say that you miss me

—"James Joint"

10. When You're At The Club & You're So Into This Guy Trying To Get With You

This whiskey got me feelin' pretty So pardon if I'm impolite I just really need your ass with me


10. When There's A Spider On Your Wall & You Scream For Your Roommate

I want you to homicide it

—"Yeah, I Said It"

11. When It's Sunday Night & You Have Work In The Morning

Slipped into a peril that I'll never understand This feeling always gets away Wishing I could hold on longer

—"Never Ending"

Now go out into the world, my friends, and know that, no matter what you're dealing with, Rihanna has got your back.

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