You Can Now Send GIFs In Your Tinder Messages

Everyone's favorite dating app, the Tinder you know and love is about to change for the better. They've teamed up with GIPHY and you will now be able to include GIFs in your Tinder messages. FINALLY! Pretty soon we won't have to talk on Tinder at all. Just send GIFs of Liz Lemon eating cheese because she is the woman you hope to be someday. Being able to choose from millions of GIFs on Giphy is going to make your emoji keyboard look like cave drawings. Plus, I think drunken, horny Tinder-ing is going to lead to some of the most creative uses of GIFs the world has ever known.

But that's not the only change to messaging, we're also getting bigger emojis, or in my case, bigger pizzas and poops because I am so good at flirting. You'll also be able to "like" messages, which will give you another thing to obsess over and over analyze: They didn't reply, but they liked it. THEY DIDN'T REPLY BUT THEY LIKED IT. What hell is this!?

And the changes aren't all messaging-based. Probably the most helpful new feature is that you'll now be able to grab photos from your phones camera roll, so no more going through Facebook. Yeah, that hot selfie you just took but don't want to share on Facebook is now fair Tinder game. A press release says that it was also be supporting 3D touch for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, so you can open web pages upon 3D touching links within your convos. But I'm still rocking an iPhone 4 because I hate change.

Even though I'm not single, I can't express how excited I am about the GIF scenario.

Here are the best GIFs to send your Tinder match:

1. When You've Exchanged Contact Info

Once you've exchanged details is when you can admit to stalking, right?

2. When You Want To Suggest Dinner

Let the cute hamster eating broccoli do it for you. You'll never be that cute.

3. And When You Want To Graciously Accept

It doesn't not get classier than Babs.

4. When They Ask For Nudes

It's painfully cute. I wish I was this cute naked.

5. When The Chat Gets Political

Less cute. Seriously less cute.

6. When You're Talking About Awkward Tinder Dates You've Been On

Swapping horrible Tinder war stories is a rite of passage.

7. When You Get A Sh*t Ton Of Nonsense From A Stranger

Don't engage. It's not worth your words.

8. When You're Really Excited For Your First Date

I am the only woman in the world who feels like a walking emoji?

9. "This Is How You'll Recognize Me"

Expectations are high.

10. When You Drunkenly Message Them Some Crazy And Need To Apologize

Sorry I messaged you a bunch of letters that I thought were words but were more like angry alphabet soup.

11. When You Had A Great First Date


12. When You Get Ghosted


13. When It's Time For Netflix & Chill

No chill, no chill at all.

14. When You Want To Take It To The Next Level

I love Tina too much to leave her out of this.

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