The One Pair Of Underwear Everyone Should Own

They may not be universally heralded as the sexiest, most cosmopolitan pair of drawers in the game, but they're still the one pair of underwear that everyone should own. At least, in my most humble opinion as a fashion and beauty writer and longtime knicker enthusiast. This particular incarnation of underthings has gotten me through my darkest hours — that is, when I simply can't stand the thought of putting a poly-blend lace butt-strap around my lower half. It's the large, flesh-toned underpant, and sometimes, it can truly feel like the answer to all of my undercarriage's challenges.

I enjoy fancy, traditionally "sexy" underwear as much as the next gal. In fact, with the rise in availability of plus size lingerie, it's more fun now than ever to shop for sexy drawers, even when you're over a size 20. However, on a day-to-day basis, I simply cannot be bothered with the idea that my vagina, hips, and butt will all be encased in something even remotely itchy, or will show underneath my clothes.

That's where a full-coverage nude panty, or my own personal holy grail, comes in. They're the one pair that I believe everyone should own, and here's why.

1. They're Comfortable As Hell

Catherine's Solid Seamless Full Brief, 3 for $36,

Also consider: Hanro Cotton Seamless Brief, $38, Amazon

There are no low-rise seams digging into your body, and if you find a pair made out of your preferable material, it's almost like wearing nothing at all. For maximum comfort, I suggest finding a seamless pair like the one pictured above.

2. They Don't Show Underneath Your Clothing

Chantelle Invisible Seamless Brief, $26, Check It Out

Also check out: Ahh Rhoda Shear Seamless Brief, $14.90, Amazon

Speaking of seamless nude underwear, they almost never show underneath your clothing, at all — whether you're wearing white, sheer, or otherwise drawer-flashing clothes. In fact, publications like The Gloss and New York Magazine have both recommended wearing nude underwear underneath white clothing to keep everyone from peeping your underwear scene.

3. They Can Match Your Skin Tone

Nubian Skin The Brief, $16,

Try: Wacoal B-Smooth Panty in Cappuccino, $13, Amazon

I know from friends, bloggers, and acquaintances alike that women of color often have a tough time finding nude underwear that actually matches their skin tone, but it is out there. Brands like Nubian Skin have made it possible for WOC to achieve the ultimate nude underwear experience, and hopefully, more options will become available in the future.

4. You Look Hot In Them

Hips & Curves All Over Lace In Nude, 3 for $33,

Also consider: Wacoal Cotton Full Brief Panty, $13, Amazon

Some people might associate nude underwear with old age or "period days," but (besides being a bit ageist and sexist), that is totally misguided. Nude underwear is classic, and the look can be sexy as hell. At the very least, they make you look more naked, and you just can't argue with that.

5. They're Cost Effective

Liqqy Comfort Seamless Hipster Brief 3-Pack, $13.99, Amazon

Just because you can't spend $15 or more on one pair of underwear doesn't mean you can't bask in the warm hug of a pair of large nude underwear. In fact, you can even get them by the pack for a price that won't break the bank.

6. You Can Find Them Everywhere

Elomi Cate Brief in Pecan, $30,

Also check out: Spanx Undie-Tectable Lace Panty, $24, Amazon

Department stores, drugstores, your favorite lingerie shop: As nude underwear are a staple of the undergarment world, you won't likely have a tough time getting your hands on a pair. The exception to this is nude underwear for plus size WOC, but one way to find these particular pairs is to search for brown or taupe briefs, like the ones pictured above. Additionally, Nubian Skin will add panties to its curve range later this year.

7. You Kinda Like Them

Elomi Amelia Nude Brief, $36, Amazon

When all is said and done and you're safely enveloped in the satiny arms of your favorite nude brief, you have to take a look in the mirror and be honest: It's hard not to love these versatile, comfortable, and virtually invisible panties.

All things considered, these are the one must-have pair of duds everyone should probably get their paws on. If you need me, I might be over here chilling in my own pair — not that anyone would be able to tell if I was.

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Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle (1); Courtesy Brands