Squee! Cover Reveal For 'Hot Dudes Reading' Book

In early 2015, one Instagram account changed our boring commutes into steamy photography opportunities. Now, the account that TIME called "the best thing to happen to your Instagram feed" is getting its own book. That's right, there's a Hot Dudes Reading book on its way to a shelf near you, and we teamed up with Simon & Schuster to give you the exclusive cover reveal below.

Everyone has her own preference when it comes to looking at hot dudes. Some would rather not, while others have a thing for firefighters, cowboys, or hey even Vladimir Putin. For book nerds, there's the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram.

For nearly a year, Hot Dudes Reading has supplied the bookish corners of Instagram with tailored eye-candy. New Yorkers who spot attractive men with books — no Kindles, please — in their hands can snap a picture and submit it to the site. Most of the pictures come from public transportation, for obvious reasons, but the rare hot dude reading in a coffee shop or gym is not unheard of. You can see samples of some of the Instagram posts throughout this article.

Hot Dudes Reading book divides up images by NYC subway line, taking readers on a steamy ride through the city's five boroughs. Some of the most popular hot dudes — those made popular by the Instagram account's early days — show up for interviews.

The creators of Hot Dudes Reading describe themselves as "close-knit friends/marginally-functional young professionals in New York City," and when it comes to the book, they offered Bustle this statement:

Our followers asked and, as always, we aim to please. We’re so excited to announce the Hot Dudes Reading Book. We hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed finding the bookworm babes inside.

It's OK to think that men and women who read are just as sexy as — or even sexier than — those who wear uniforms or have good singing voices. Shared hobbies are an important part of a relationship, at least in my humble opinion, so it makes perfect sense for readers to be attracted to other readers.

Personally, I love to see people reading. I have been known to crane my neck at awkward angles just to get a glimpse of a stranger's book cover. Even if they aren't reading one of my favorites, I still feel a sort of kinship, because they're engaged in an activity I enjoy.

OK, I know, without further ado. Here's the cover reveal of Hot Dudes Reading, the book. (You can also spot the cover model in the header image above.)

Look out for the Hot Dudes Reading book, coming to your favorite bookstore on April 26, and yes, of course you can have one more Instagram post for the road.

Images: Courtesy of Simon & Schuster