Kylie Jenner's Body-Pos Insta Post Is Perfect

Kylie Jenner has been pretty upfront about her insecurities regarding her body. It wasn't too long ago that she admitted to being self conscious about her lips, and even big sister Kim has talked about how her younger sister has had insecurities. Well, Kylie Jenner shared a body positive message on Instagram, and it's going to make you love the realty-star-turned-beauty-mogul even more.

On Thursday afternoon, Kylie reposted the image, from Instagram user @ken.neth, as part of her #IAmMoreThan campaign. Kylie launched the anti bullying social media campaign in September and has continued to post inspirational images regularly ever since. The campaign has been ultra successful, and today's post is no different than the amazing images that have come before it.

The post features user @ken.neth explaining that they have always had insecurities, but that 2016 will be, "another year of growth and positivity." The full message read as follows:

"2016 will be the year of positivity....starting with body positivity 💪🏽 I used to see myself filled with flaws and I never really understood the good within me. For example, I always hated my smile. I never had perfect teeth and my jaw is slightly cricked. Or how I am embedded with acne scars on my face and back. Or how I saw myself entirely in the mirror. Compared to what I've seen on social media, I never felt real. Or the countless other reasons. We are truly our worst critics. But I feel the older I am, the more I start to grow and the more comfortable I become in my own skin. So let this year be another year of growth and positivity. #iammorethan what I see. #selflove #readyfor2016 #feelingconfident"

This isn't the first time that Kylie has embraced body positivity via her social media. Back in December of 2015, the social media maven took to her Instagram to post an image of a large scar marking her upper thigh. Honestly, I never even knew Jenner had a scar until that moment, but seeing it wasn't exciting because everyone finally realized Kylie wasn't perfect — which would be a terrible outlook to have, just btw — but because she embraced what many would call a flaw in a moment that was totally body positive. Considering that Jenner has been dealing with insecurities about her body since she was a pre-teen, when she takes a moment to embrace body positivity and encourages her millions of followers to do the same, it's hard not to take notice, and also give her a big, virtual high-five for it.

If Kylie keeps up the body positive posts, 2016 is sure to be "the year of positivity," as her Instagram message stated. After all, a woman with such social media clout is bound to influence people and charging people with loving themselves is always a good call.

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