Kylie Jenner’s Lip Insecurities Started At 10 Years Old, According To Kim Kardashian’s Latest Interview With Access Hollywood

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've probably heard more than a few things about Kylie Jenner's lips. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been under major scrutiny for some time. Now, we know Jenner used fillers to plump her lips. That decision doesn't seem to have come lightly. According to sister Kim's interview with Access Hollywood, Kylie Jenner's lip insecurity began at 10 years old.

In Kim's interview, she explains to anchor Billy Bush that her sisters are in a situation that's unique from her own. Kardashian was able to experience middle and high school growing up where as her sisters have been famous since they were just children. She explains, "I think that is just their reality...But they know when things are normal. They know that all their friends aren't going on private jets. They know that they are growing up with a life of privilege, but they are super grounded and responsible."

The youngest Jenner's reality seems to potentially be what made her self-conscious about her lips at such a young age. Growing up in the spotlight may have made her more aware of the differences between she and her famous older sisters. Kim tells Bush, "I saw how for so many years she was so insecure about it. I mean, at 10 years old, she would say to me, 'How come my lips aren't big like you guys'?' And I would see this insecurity…" Kardashian goes on to explain that she gave her sister advice on the matter and supports her decision now. "She did something that made her feel better about herself," Kim said, "and that's kind of where you have to draw the line, and she knows that."

While many may think Jenner's decision to plump her lips was ill thought out or that she was too young to make such a decision, the truth is that they're Jenner's lips. The reality in which Jenner lives is different from that of non-celebrity teens. If given the chance to modify some part of my body, I may take it. Despite Jenner being a teenager, there's also quite a large chance that her family and physician spoke at great length with her about the decision. So, whatever Kylie decides to do with her body is her choice because body positive girl power eff yeah!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)