This Sorority Banned Selfies

Ladies and gentlemen, the War Against Selfies has begun in earnest. Word on the street is that the University of Alabama chapter of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority has banned its sisters from posting selfies on social media.

Over the weekend, the websites Total Frat Move and Total Sorority Move (yes, they’re owned by the same parent company) received emails from a student at the University of Alabama tipping them off about the sorority’s anti-selfie stance. “My roommate is a Zeta,” the email reads. “She said that all members had to sign a social media contract banning things like selfies on Instagram because it was immature and made them look bad to PNMs [potential new members] for next year.”


Now, bear in mind that no one has actually seen the aforementioned contract; as such, Total Frat Move rightly notes that the claim is unconfirmed. Both sites, however, applaud the idea — and I’m sure many of you out there in Internetland do as well. Sure, it’s a little Big Brother, but as Total Sorority Move points out, selfies like this flatter no one.

Between the reactions to Selfies at Funerals and Rich Kids of Instagram (speaking of, how on Earth did that one get its own TV show? Does the awfulness of reality television know no bounds?!), it’s pretty clear that patience is running out for the “I selfie, therefore I am” life philosophy (though there are some good arguments for the upsides of selfies). The term may have been dubbed Word of the Year by the folks behind the Oxford English Dictionary, but then again, Miley Cyrus was up for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, so I’m not putting a whole lot of stock in these “[Fill in the Blank] of the Year” titles. Is the time of oversharing at the beginning of its end? Maybe.

Image: Fotolia