How Much Will Kendall + Kylie Cost?

The Jenner Sisters' latest side hustle is slated to land in stores early next month. It's their Kendall + Kylie collection and it's a ready-to-wear range unlike anything they've done before, as it is decidedly more high-end. It goes beyond their largely teen fanbase, since it'll be sold at posh department stores like Neiman Marcus, among others. The Spring 2016 collection is also going live today at Revolve Clothing. From what I've seen, which is basically photos posted on the brand's Instagram, Kendall + Kylie's closet relative is The Olsen Twins' contemporary Elizabeth & James line, which is edgy, chic, and so wearable. How much will Kendall + Kylie, which factors both sisters and their individual styles into the pieces, cost?

Actually, the Kendall + Kylie collection is quite affordable. While it might be a bit pricy for their younger fans, it's not outrageously expensive, either. Consider them investment pieces that might make a slight —but not insurmountable— dent in your wallet.

As Women's Wear Daily reports, the pieces start $68 and can go up to as high as $298. The most expensive pieces are leather and those hit $498. The biggest surprise is the shoes. Those prices fall between $100 and $200.

This latest shared shot from the Spring 2016 collection boasts a tailored, two-piece outfit that shows just the right hint of skin. It's a cropped top, but not the usual trendy and gym-ready crop tops that Kylie often rocks. You can see both Kendall and Kylie in this outfit. It's stylish, young, and modern all at once. It's hardly athleisure.

The pieces are feminine and fun, yet the point of view isn't super teen-centric, either. It's certainly a step forward for the Sisters Jenner.

If all goes according to plan, this range could put Kendall + Kylie on the fashion map. Their PacSun and Topshop collections were great for marketing, branding, and visibility. But this collection only boasts their names and goes after a new demo. If it works, they could vie for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's crown as the fashion world's top famous sister duo!

Now, if only we could get some more intel about the next "season" of the Kylie Lip Kits!

Images: Kendall + Kylie/Instagram (3)