Snapchat Just Made It Easier To Add Friends

Snapchat has been rolling out a variety of new features in the last few months, and this week, they added another to the list: Snapchat URLs are here, allowing users to directly add people through a URL specific to their usernames. Of course, the argument could be made that we didn't need yet another way to add other users; the newest addition joins the plethora of other options, which include username, Snapcode, location, and old-fashioned phone number. However, unlike platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat hasn't had an easy way to share accounts online until now. Thanks to the addition of URLs, it's become much easier to direct followers on other forms of social media to your your Snapchat account.

To access your URL, press on the Snapchat ghost in the top center of your screen when you open the application. Once you pull up the preview of your profile, select "add friends," which will take you to a list of ways to add users. The "share username" option allows you to text, email, tweet, or share your Snapchat username on Facebook — or if you're looking to add your URL to your Twitter bio, for instance, you can copy the link and share that way.

According to Tech Crunch, the URLs always take the form of "" If you follow the link on a device that doesn't have the app, it will take you to a link prompting you to download Snapchat. In short, now you can send your Snapchat URL to anyone and everyone with an Internet connection, even if they don't have a Snapchat account.

Well played, Snapchat. Well played.

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Image: Claire Warner/Bustle