14 Of Lindsay Lohan's Best Throwback Pics

There's something about looking at Lindsay Lohan's throwback photos that makes you feel like you're reliving your own childhood. Like that scene in Mean Girls when the camera pans over the framed shot of Plastics-era Cady Heron to reveal behind it a picture of the Africa-raised Cady riding an elephant, the dust-tinged old photos can't help but ignite a twinge of nostalgia in fans. Maybe it's because seeing a shot of Lohan in The Parent Trap reminds you of your own summery, carefree days as a child, or that Speak album cover makes you recall being an angsty teen blasting "Rumors" before school. (Someone tell me that wasn't just me.) In any case, the Mean Girls star is a big fan of the pics from yesteryear, and fortunately for all of us, Lohan's Instagram is chock-full of them. If there was ever a time to use the hashtag "#blessed," it is now.

That's right: In between frequent selfies and glamorous pictures of her yachting on tropical locations while I trudge through piles of dirty snow in Manhattan, Lohan's #ThrowbackThursdays are filled with rose-tinted memories and behind-the-scenes shots of fans' favorite LL eras. On-set Parent Trap photo? Check. Mean Girls references? Check. That random Disney Channel movie that we all loved at the time but since forgotten about until Lohan's Instagram? CHECK. Of course, there are plenty of family photos as well, as Lohan is super close with her three siblings and mom, Dina.

Check out the best of Lohan's throwback pics below!

1. Family Moments

The gang's all here (apart from Michael Lohan, fortunately): Lindsay, Dina, Michael Jr., Ali, and Cody. The entire Lohan family looks like an Abercrombie ad for summer.

2. When She Was Princess Jasmine

Before starring in Disney movies, an adorably innocent LL just wanted to be a Disney princess.

3. When She Was An Adorable Kid Model For Tommy Hilfiger

Those nautical stripes. So hip.

4. A Throwback With Pop-Pop

OK, it seriously doesn't get any cuter than this. Everyone is GLOWING.

5. And An Even Older Throwback With Mom Dina

Dina's hair is life. Dina's hair is everything.

6. The Parent Trap With Baby Brother Cody

Clearly in character as the London-raised Annie (or is it Hallie impersonating Annie?), Lohan stood in front of Big Ben with a then-tiny Cody.

7. Get A Clue With Brenda Song


8. On Set Of Freaky Friday With The Fam

Every movie is a family affair with the Lohans.

10. An Old-School Selfie

Looks like Lindsay was a fan of the selfie even before the advent of the front-facing camera. And look how much Cody's grown! (Fun fact: He's now 18 and has a #TBT-filled Instagram of his own.)

11. Celebrating National Mean Girls Day

"On October 3rd, he asked me what day it is." On October 3rd, 2015, Lindsay Lohan posted this still from the film — still her greatest role to date.

12. #TBT To The Release Of Speak, The Greatest Pop Album Of The '00s

Pretty sure at least one lyric from every one of these songs made it into an away message back in the day.

13. Oh, Those Herbie Fully Loaded Days

Michael Keaton played her dad, in case you never saw the movie and are wondering why he's in there. (It's forgivable.)

14. And Finally, With The Sibs

So fashionable. So Lohan.

Thanks for the memories, Lindsay!