How To Easily Stop Black Nail Polish From Staining

by Lindsey Rose Black

Black nail polish is my favorite way to instantly add a bit of chic edginess to my look, but dang, that stuff can really wreck my natural nail color. Fortunately, thanks to snooping around the manicurists during shows at NYFW last season, I learned the one thing you need to stop black nail polish from staining. It's a hack that will protect nails from nearly any staining color, and is easy to remember once you get in the habit of doing it.

Instead of just popping on your polish, the one absolutely crucial thing you need to do to stop black nail polish from staining your nails is to use a strong base coat. While Marie Claire noted that staining is "nothing to worry about [and] you can just go ahead and apply your new polish right over it," it still isn't exactly fun to deal with and stains can take forever to fade.

At NYFW, I learned one of the best products to fight polish stains and protect nails from more dark polish is Zoya's Naked Manicure kit. Several designers were using it on their models to correct old stains while also prepping nails for a new hue, and each girl's nails were totally on point.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Check out Zoya's kit below, as well as several other great base coat options. Happy stain-free DIY manicuring!

1. Naked Manicure Kit

Naked Manicure Womens Starter Kit, $30, Zoya

The base coat here can be used by itself to protect you from black polish, but the lavender color corrector is well worth using, too!

2. Polishield

Polishield, $10, Orly

For a super-fast drying base coat, this one from Orly is my top pick.

3. Cover Your Bases Coat

Cover Your Bases Coat, $3, Whim

This base coat goes on like a gel, keeping things extra smooth.

4. Neon Nail Base Coat

Neon Nail Base Coat, $8, Formula X

This base coat is extra strong and won't let any stains ruin your nail beds.

5. Protective Base Nail Coat

Protective Base Nail Coat, $28, Nordstrom

Want a splurge on a designer brand? This one from Dolce & Gabbana makes a great choice. I personally find it shiny enough to just rock all by itself!

6. Base Coat

Base Coat, $20, NARS

Nars' formula is extra chip-resistant if you have a habit of chipping polish easily.

7. Superfood Base Coat

Superfood Base Coat, $15, Nails Inc

If your nails are especially damaged, this base coat from NailsInc infuses nails with a boost of antioxidants and keratin.

8. Horse Power Nail Rescue

Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat, $18, Ulta

Packed with vitamin B and calcium, this base coat will protect and strengthen.

9. 2 Second Nail Primer

2 Second Nail Primer, $12, Deborah Lippmann

If you have to absolutely race out the door, this primer dries faster than you can even open that bottle of black polish.

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Images: Getty Images; Courtesy of Brands