3 Reasons Guys Should Explore This Move In Bed

This week, anal play was on everyone's lips. After an online feud between Wiz Khalifa and Kayne West went down on Twitter, SlutWalk diva Amber Rose (and the ex of both men) inserted some commentary about West's bedroom proclivities via Twitter. After alleging that Mr. Kardashian enjoyed digital prostate stimulation, he shot back and denied the claims vehemently, writing: "Exes can be mad but you know, I never let them play with my ass...I don't do that...I stay away from that area altogether."

The internet responded with the arguably clever #KanyeAnalPlaylist, and the general consensus is that the rapper doth protest too much. Whatever the truth may be (and who cares, really), this roiling back-and-forth has been rife with misunderstandings and misogyny and the sad reminder that heterosexual men are shamed for any kind of anal activities — and even more so if they happen to be in a hyper-masculine field like hip hop.

The hetero male fear of backdoor action is just homophobia, which, when you boil it down, is often linked to straight up misogyny. The faulty logic goes that a "real man" (aka heterosexual man) doesn't do ass play because it means he's either gay or less-than-a-real-man, which basically = woman. Either way you crunch it this sucks. No consensual sex act should make anyone feel ashamed, and it's time straight dudes got over their butt hangups. Here are three reasons men might want to explore anal play:

1. Hello, Prostate Stimulation

The male G-spot isn't a myth, but it isn't located in the penis or scrotum as one might suspect. You can only reach it through the anal canal, so start exploring! Pro tip: use lots of lube.

2. Be Multi-Orgasmic

Common knowledge suggests that women are multi-orgasmic but men aren't. Guess what? A prostate orgasm (achieved only through entering the anal canal), is actually one way in which men CAN climax multiple times. Is that enough of a reason to try a little butt play? One would certainly hope...

3. Challenge Sexual Stigma

Hey straight guys, you can confront sexual stigma every time you publicly voice your support for butt play — it's that easy. It's a win-win. You get to enjoy the practice in private, and then NOT join in the fear mongering and homophobia that arises when your straight dude brethren start freaking out about anal play. Just remember: no one gets to define your masculinity or sexuality but you, and your choice of sexual pleasure should bring you no shame. And on the plus side, there are a certain subset of women who will find your candor incredibly hot. So, whatcha waiting for?

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