Wren Could Be The New 'PLL' Villain

By Kaitlin Reilly

If you thought that Charlotte DiLaurentis was the end of the A line, well, think again. Pretty Little Liars may have killed off Big A by having Charlotte killed in Season 6B, but that only proves that there is someone even more dangerous lurking in the shadows. The new Big Bad finally revealed that they were seeking revenge on the person who killed Charlotte, and, though it doesn't seem like the girls are guilty of that crime, it's not stopping B from going after them. Charlotte's final act of torment inadvertently came with her death, and now the Liars have to run from both the cops and the uber evil B, who seems to have a connection to Charlotte. So, could this new PLL Big Bad be Wren Kingston? After all, he's a guy who has a history with Charlotte.

Many fans (including myself) once believed that Wren could have been A, but, since A was revealed to be Charlotte, Wren has mostly become persona non grata. Of course, if nothing on Pretty Little Liars is a coincidence, then we have to at least consider that Wren was made to look super suspicious to the Liars for a reason. He might not have been A, but his shadiness could certainly transfer over to B territory.

Many of the reasons why Wren seemed so shady had to do with his connection to the DiLaurentis family and, specifically, with Charlotte, when she known under the alias CeCe Drake. Wren was once shown coloring in a red coat in a drawing that looked to feature the DiLaurentis family. He also helped Charlotte sneak into Radley so she could see Mona — something Spencer confronted him about when she, herself, was admitted to Radley.

We were led to believe that Wren was a doctor at Radley and therefore interacted with Charlotte as a visitor, but that might not be the whole truth. What if Wren was merely posing as a doctor in order to see Charlotte. It would make sense, considering Wren did assist Charlotte in getting in and out of Radley easily. In fact, as several fans have pointed out in the past, Wren hinted to Spencer that a family member close to him suffered from mental illness. Could Wren have met Charlotte because his own family member was in Radley, and decided to avenge his friend Charlotte's death when he found out that she was murdered?

Only time will tell if Wren is B. But, here's hoping that fans who thought Wren was Big A will finally be validated when the series reveals the answer.

Images: Freeform; Giphy (2); Martha Sorren/Bustle