Jason Could Be 'Pretty Little Liars' New Villain

At the end of Season 6A, the Pretty Little Liars finally found out who had been torturing them for the past five years. Big A was revealed to be Charlotte DiLaurentis, who we previously knew as CeCe Drake, but was actually the older sister of Alison and Jason. When Pretty Little Liars Season 6 returns, it will be five years later, with the Liars facing a new enemy who fans are calling "B." Could the Liars' latest tormentor be another DiLaurentis? Is Jason B, or whatever the series' new Big Bad will be called?

We don’t know much about Season 6B in terms of plot points. From the short promos and the little tidbits from creator I. Marlene King, here’s what we do know: Hanna is engaged to someone who isn't Caleb, Alison is a married teacher, Spencer lives in Washington, DC, and Emily is kind of floating through life. Oh, and Aria is working in publishing and is sort of friends with Ezra. Kind of. There’s also another super villain tracking the girls, so much so that eventually, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna will to come back to Rosewood to warn Ali that “he” is coming. At this point, this male villain could be anyone, but I have a strong suspicion that Jason DiLaurentis is behind the new haunting. Alison just can’t win with her siblings, can she? Fore more on Season 6B, check out Bustle's PLL podcast,Taking This One To The Grave, followed by all of the evidence that Jason could be Rosewood's newest threat.

He Has A Motive

Ever since viewers introduced to CeCe Drake, it was clear that she and Ali were two peas in a pod and extremely close. When Season 6B picks up, Charlotte will likely have spent the past five years in therapy, and as previews reveal, may be able to be released. This prospect may lead Jason to feel a little left out against his sisters. He also could be very, very bitter that when Charlotte was posing as CeCe, they dated. Considering that they're siblings, that's a pretty upsetting thing to learn. Also, Charlotte drugged Jason and Kenneth, and left them laying on a cement floor at Radley, which she intended to blow up. It’s highly possible that Jason could be consumed with rage at his family and has finally lost it.

He Has Access

It was always surprising to me just how much access Charlotte had to the liars. I mean, CeCe wasn’t family and she was running from the cops because she killed Detective Wilden, yet she was always there. Meanwhile, Jason is related to both Alison and Spencer, and knows all of the other Liars pretty well (he even shared a brief smoochy romance with Aria), so he could totally slip in and out of their lives without being suspected.

He Has Money

Charlotte had a ton of money because Jessica DiLaurentis, the family matriarch, felt bad about leaving her in Radley and left her a ton of dough, which Charlotte then invested. Now that Charlotte has been institutionalized, did she keep all of her money? I doubt it. I bet some of that money went back to the family, including Jason. The kids also probably got some cash from Jessica’s death. Money means easy treachery against the liars.

We’ll have to wait for Pretty Little Liars to give more "B" clues before choosing a top suspect, but in the meantime, you should definitely keep an eye on Jason DiLaurentis.

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