11 Reasons Kendall Jenner Should Win This Award

It’s time to start voting, and when Kendall Jenner’s nominated for a Best In Fashion Shorty Award you’re not really going to have to stress about who should get your vote. I mean, Jenner is pretty much a no brainer for the honor, after all. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, so considering this model has over 47 million followers, a social media campaign with Calvin Klein and is friends with all of the other top models (whose photos also flood her accounts) — she’s pretty much a shoo-in for the win.

Kris Jenner, the proud mom that she is, posted about three of her daughters being up for awards. Clearly, this model and her sisters have a lot going for them in 2016. Not only are she and Kylie are coming out with a fashion line that’s showing at New York Fashion Week, but she's also already been in the Chanel Haute Couture show. She’s basically winning at life, and the year’s only just getting started.

See eleven fashion accomplishments that prove Jenner is more than deserving of a Shorty Award in the fashion category. Because there’s no denying that online and IRL, this girl is running things. Who run the world? Umm, Kendall Jenner. Duh!

Go figure that an award program based on Internet success and impact would include the Kardashians/Jenners.

1. Calvin Klein Campaign

I mean, this has been trending since it hit the Internet. Plus, it's no small feat becoming the face of such a prestigious brand, you know?

2. Chanel Haute Couture

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Walking in this runway show is the HIGHEST honor, as far as I'm concerned.

3. #CaKe

That moment when you and your bestie have your own hashtag. Not to mention, a rumored clothing line that everyone wants to own. #CaKe is just the best.

4. Her Own Wax Figure

Oh yeah, and then there's the fact their #CaKe friendship will be forever memorialized in wax. Straight killing it.

5. KenGi

We can't forget about her other super fashionable bestie, though.

6. Her Own Clothing Line

She and her sis also launched a clothing line together, NBD.

7. Victoria's Secret

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no denying that you've arrived once you hit this runway.

8. Buddies With Karl

She's practically BFFs with Karl Lagerfeld, and that's a win in my book.

9. Larger Than Life

She's also taking up some major real estate in NYC.

10. Vogue

She's been on multiple Vogue covers, making her a major fashion "It" girl by any standards.

11. Balmain Army Girl

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Being a major force in the Balmain army is pretty cool, too.

Take this as a fashion public service announcement: Vote For Kendall. Besides, I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you did.

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