Will Melissa McCarthy Join The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival On Netflix? It's Not Quite Stars Hollow With Sookie St. James

If you heard screams of "ya-ya!" and "oy, with the poodles already!" and generally squealing and jumping erupt all over the world at approximately 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 29, don't fret. It's the official news that Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival is an actual confirmed thing that is happening. Lauren Graham tweeted confirmation. Netflix tweeted confirmation. Then Deadline reported the cast members who'll be making the trek back to Stars Hollow. Missing from that short list, Sookie St. James. So tell it to us straight, Netflix, will Melissa McCarthy return for the Gilmore Girls revival?

Bustle reached out to Netflix regarding McCarthy and when future cast members might be announced, but did not hear back at the time of publication. As for McCarthy herself, she's yet to tweet any ounce of a hint or speak up on the matter, but back in November, TVLine theorized that McCarthy's movie career would keep her from joining the revival, but now that it's real, it seems almost impossible that she would skip this opportunity to walk down memory lane (or dance, as Sookie was wont to do). So let's take a look for ourselves at McCarthy's schedule — would she really be too busy for a hang sesh with Lorelai?

Good Sign: Mike & Molly Is No More

The series saw its Season 6 shortened to 13 episodes in December, and CBS later announced that it was cancelled completely. No longer starring on a sitcom would definitely free McCarthy up for, say, guest starring on the most important revival series in history, no?

Bad Sign: She's Producing A New Show With Her Husband

But she's not starring in the show, which she and Ben Falcone are producing for TV Land. So maybe it's only half of a bad sign.

Good Sign: Ghostbusters' Production Is Wrapped

The highly anticipated reboot wrapped in September. There's nothing else on McCarthy's iMDB page (which I know isn't gospel, but I'm excited so let me have this one). Interesting...

Bad Sign: She Just Launched Her Own Clothing Line

Which means she's likely pretty busy being a boss and a half. But! If the launch is over, that might give her a little time to take a side project. Perhaps a certain Netflix series?

OK, so none of this serves as proof and the only way we'll know for sure is when Netflix or McCarthy comes right out with the confirmation (hopefully of the positive variety). But I think we are working with some pretty good odds here.