Camille Turned Into A Vampire On 'The Originals,' But It Was A Tough Choice

Klaus was hellbent on revenge after Aurora killed Camille when The Originals returned with its mid-season premiere, "A Ghost Along the Mississippi." Last time we saw Klaus, he was waking up in bed next to a lifeless Cami, blood streaming from her slit throat. Luckily, or perhaps, not so luckily, Camille woke up soon after. Aurora compelled her to drink her vampire blood and slit her throat when Klaus declares his love for her, and now Cami is in transition. But, while Klaus insists she feed on human blood and turn into a vampire, Cami is dead set (excuse the pun) on dying a human. In the end, Camille turned into a vampire on The Originals , but whether or not that was the right decision for her remains to be seen.

Klaus tried to force Cami to feed by locking her in a room with a glass of blood while he went to retrieve Hayley, who had been taken by the Strix. But, Freya decided to let Cami go and give her the choice to die how she wants to. Of course, it just so happens that Cami's dead-but-not-undead status made her the perfect person to help Klaus and Elijah magically trap Tristan with the very weapon he was trying to use against them.

After risking her life to help Klaus and the others, Cami realized that maybe she could make a difference as a vampire. Vincent, it seems, agreed, and let Cami turn by feeding on him. At the end of the episode, Klaus was thrilled to see that Cami had decided to turn after all. However, it doesn't look like the road to being a not-crazy vampire will be tough for Camille. Earlier, she told Klaus that she was worried that her dark side would take over if she decided to become a vampire, and, if her love of blood is any indication, she might have been right.

Images: The CW; ohmyklaus/tumblr