Klaus And Elijah Defeated Tristan On 'The Originals,' But Aurora And Lucien Are Still Out There

Klaus and Elijah went after Tristan and the Strix in the mid-season premiere of The Originals, "A Ghost Along the Mississippi." Klaus had his heart set on revenge after waking up to a bloody Camille in his arms. In her bitter jealousy, Aurora compelled Cami to drink her blood and kill herself, turning her into a vampire. Cami might be getting a second life as a member of the undead, but Klaus still wanted his revenge. While Elijah and Klaus plotted their next move, Tristan moved forward with his plan to trap the Mikaelsons using a magical object, blackmailing Vincent to activate it for him and kidnapping Hayley and Jackson for good measure. With the help of Freya, Cami and a reluctant Vincent, Klaus and Elijah defeated Tristan on The Originals , but the threat of Aurora and Lucien remains.

Tristan was sure he had the upper hand this week after he managed to capture Jackson and Hayley. The Strix wasted no time, ripping out Jackson's heart (RIP Jackson) and sending it to the Mikaelsons, demanding them to surrender in exchange for Hayley's life. Not ones to be manipulated, Elijah and Klaus captured Aurora in return and arranged a trade: Hayley and the magical object for Aurora.

Tristan agreed, and the trade seemed to be going according to plan. But, of course, that didn't last long. Tristan showed up with his entire Strix army, prepared to pounce on the outnumbered Mikaelsons after the exchange. But, Klaus and Elijah were already one step ahead. Instead of actually trading Aurora for Hayley, Freya and Vincent used their magic to cloak Camille and make her look like Aurora. When Tristan went to find her in the shipping container where she was being held, Cami took the magic object, slammed it against a shipping container and ran out. (No vampire or human can escape the imprisonment of the spell, but, as Cami had yet to transition, she was unaffected by the magic that trapped Tristan.) Elijah convinced the Strix to stand down, and the episode ended with Hayley, Elijah, and Klaus sending Tristan to be dumped at the bottom of the ocean, destined to drown over and over again until the end of time.

Elijah and Klaus may have defeated Tristan, but, Aurora managed to escape from Freya's magical hold during the ordeal, and there's no way she's going to let Klaus get away with moving on with Cami and leaving her brother to drown forever. Freya was quick to point out that Aurora couldn't have escaped without some kind of magical help, which meant that Lucien was still around and still her ally. Whatever Lucien and Aurora are planning, it won't be good, especially if they're together.

Images: Eli Joshua Ade/The CW; trislijah/tumblr