'The Originals' Remain In Danger From The Prophecy

Klaus and Elijah hosted a big Thanksgiving dinner for Aurora, Lucien and Tristan in an effort to get to the bottom of their evil plans on The Originals . Hoping to weaken the alliance between Lucien and Tristan, and regain their advantage, Elijah and Klaus decided to divide and conquer in "Out of the Easy." Over the course of the dinner, Elijah interrogated Lucien while Klaus shared a drink with Tristan and Hayley and Freya went up against Aurora to try to get Rebekah back. Needless to say it didn't go as planned. The Thanksgiving meal ended after Klaus and Elijah kidnapped Tristan. Klaus was able to get the magical medallion from Lucien — the one that would supposedly be able to trap Klaus and his siblings — but can Klaus and Elijah actually stop the prophecy from happening?

Elijah and Klaus had one goal this Thanksgiving: to destroy Lucien and Tristan's plans and keep the prophecy of their demise from coming true. To that end, after Klaus and Elijah separated Tristan and Lucien, Tristan offered Klaus a deal: help them dagger Elijah and magically imprison him and Rebekah, and they'd help keep Klaus safe. All he'd have to do is let his siblings sleep for one year, until the prophecy no longer holds power (according to Tristan). Instead, Klaus broke Tristan's neck at the dinner table and instructed Aurora to bring back Rebekah in exchange for her brother's life. As for Lucien, without Tristan he is no match for both Klaus and Elijah — let alone the entire family of Hayley, Freya and Marcel — so he was willing to give up the medallion at the end of the episode.

With the medallion in his possession, and believing that Rebekah is on her way home, Klaus seems optimistic that the prophecy has been avoided, but Elijah is unsure. The episode ended with Elijah recognizing the destroyed Thanksgiving dinner table from the visions he saw in the prophecy. Instead of stopping it, maybe Klaus and Elijah only succeeded in moving the prophecy along.

Images: Quantrell Colbert/The CW; thecworiginals/tumblr