14 Moments From The 'Friends' Valentine's Day Episode That Prove It Stands The Test Of Time

It's been almost 21 years since Friends premiered its Valentine's Day episode, "The One With the Candy Hearts," but man, oh man, does it still hold up. In fact, this particular episode of Friends understands Valentine's Day possibly more than any other special or rom-com you might watch this year. And I know what you're thinking: Friends isn't known for its Valentine's Day episodes — it's all about those Thanksgiving specials. This is a perfectly acceptable and somewhat accurate thought. But ask yourself this: What show would know more about love and romantic pursuits as an adult than Friends, the show that's about six adults who ostensibly fall in and out of love with each other, and sometimes others, over and over again? That's what I thought.

In "The One With the Candy Hearts," the gang's anxiety about Valentine's Day reaches an all time high. Who everyone get dates in time? Could Chandler be any less excited about the holiday? All legitimate questions. For all you singles out there, in your 20s and 30s, and even those of you in relationships, "The One With the Candy Hearts" has at least one moment that you can totally relate to, and as a whole, has stood the test of time. Here's a highlight reel of the most memorable parts of the episode.

1. When The Double Date Is Set Up

We've all been there. The tortuous "double date set up." Chandler seems pretty excited. Chandler is all of us.

2. When The Double Date For Chandler Turns Out To Be...

...JANICE. Because that's how things usually work out on Valentine's Day/for Chandler. Also, this appearance commences a long string of Janice showing up in random intervals throughout the series. It's nice to see where it all began.

3. When Monica Asks "There's More Beer Right?"

In discussing the less than savory romantic interests of their pasts, the ladies decide it's time to start anew. So yes, Monica, there is more beer.

4. When The Cleansing Ritual Idea Is Born

Phoebe suggests "We can burn the stuff they gave us... or we can chant and dance around naked. You know with sticks." Monica and Rachel choose the former, though to me, the latter seems to be the better option.

5. When Janice Explains Chandler's Theater Of Cruelty

During the double date fiasco, Janice looks over at Chandler and spews the following genius line, "By the way Chandler, I cut you out of all my pictures. So if you want, I have a bag of just your heads... Because you could make little puppets out of them and use them in your theater of cruelty."

6. When Joey Bails On Chandler And Janice

Joey's date orders three chocolate mousses to go, so naturally Joey bails. "I'm not even sure what slathering is, but I definitely want to be a part of it!" he tells Chandler. Oh, Joey. Not so much of a good friend in the earlier seasons.

7. When Chandler Wakes Up Next To Janice

And she's singing... Happy Valentine's Day! The look on his face: Price. Less.

8. When Rachel and Monica Go Out In The Hallway To Find Janice Leaving Chandler's

... And then Joey shows up too. And Ross gets on the phone. "It's like a reunion in the hall!" Poor Chandler. So embarrassed.

9. When Ross's Super Awkward Date Is Interrupted By Carol

The conversation wasn't going anywhere great (he was discussing dogs and jet lag) anyway, but then, Carol shows up. Oh! And she's pregnant with his baby. How romantic for Ross and his date.

10. When The Cleansing Ritual Blows Up In Everyone's Face (Really)

Rachel puts the last bits of Pablo's alcohol in the fire, in an effort to say goodbye, and well, you can guess what happens after that.

11. When Carol Joins In On Ross's Date

After Susan has to abruptly leave, Carol sits alone across the table at Benihana. So Ross, being the stand-up guy he is, invites her to join his date.

12. The Titular Candy Hearts

They say CHAN & JAN 4 EVER. This is not a drill. Where can I get these for myself?

13. When Janice Gives The Best Breakup Response Of All Time

When Janice dropped the lines "you love me Chandler Bing, and you want me, you need me, you can't live without me," I realized that she's been a hero this whole time, and is a totally unappreciated character.

14. When Ross And Carol Kiss

Bet you forgot that happened.

Hey, at least you know you can count on your Friends this Valentine's Day.

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