These 16 'Friends' Outfits Are So 1995

by Marc Cuenco

As someone who grew up religiously watching Friends, I can still vividly remember specific costumes that the beloved six characters wore on specific episodes. I mean, there are plot lines on the series that revolved around their outfits, whether it's Ross Geller's leather pants fiasco, or even the first time we laid eyes on runaway bride Rachel in her wedding gown in the pilot episode. But as timeless as the show is, even a huge fan like myself can say that some Friends outfits look outdated today. (Of course, that doesn't mean I love the show any less.)

Following the lives of six people with such unique, endearing personalities, there's bound to be a focus on the characters' clothes. Sure, there were a lot of truly unrealistic elements about Friends — like how did the Central Perk squad afford to live in such a huge New York City apartments? — but one of the many things that the NBC sitcom got right was its wardrobe. The costume department chose to tell a story about these six New Yorkers in a way that reflected where they were at different times of their lives, such as finding love, breaking up, having kids, fighting with siblings, etc. The show also kept up with the styles of the times, so a lot of late '90s and early 2000s fashion trends definitely came in to play when it came to dressing the characters.

The following 16 outfits worn on Friends have not held up quite as well as the show itself has, but that doesn't mean they won't come back in style sometime in the future. OK, maybe some of these shouldn't go back in style just yet. However, the sheer quirkiness of these outdated Friends costumes also made each episode memorable and helped to make an impact on the series.

1. Rachel's Wedding Dress

"The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate" introduced us to the six friends, but also set the entire series in motion with the arrival of Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green in all her wedding gown glory. Check out that headpiece!

2. Phoebe's Hair Puffs

The show's queen of quirkiness definitely had a sassy way of showing off her unique style. Her commitment to frilly hair accessories was also always on point.

3. Monica's Drawstring Pants

There's something very "Hammer Time" with Mon's ensemble, but she still looks cute.

4. Phoebe's Scrunchie


5. Rachel's Mint Green Dress

Just a reminder that this was for date night and not a bridesmaid's dress. Also, please note the matching sweater (probably a cropped cardigan).

6. Monochromatic Monica

Beige on beige.

7. Rachel's Denim Overalls

Let's have a moment of silence for "sexy" overalls.

8. Phoebe's Flower Power

Looks like someone's heading out to an East Village rave.

9. Joey's Cut-Off Shirt

While I can appreciate the guns on Mr. Tribbiani, this look just screams '90s Village People.

10. Ross' Leather Pants

Never forget.

11. Rachel's Take On Menswear

She looks super adorable and comfy, but not very modern.

12. Rachel's Business Suit

It's a bit drab for a power suit, but at least it's not that kale green that poor Sophie is wearing.

13. Team USA

Was NBC promoting the Olympics during this episode?

14. Janice's Leopard Print

This jacket is the clothing equivalent of Janice's laugh. Oh. My. God.

15. Rachel's Button Dress

Contempo Casual realness.

16. Phoebe's "Smelly Cat" Video Outfit

Pheebes went full on metallic goddess for her song's music video. Iconic.

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Images: NBC (16)