The Best 'Full House' Scrunchie Hairstyles

by Melanie Richtman

Everyone who grew up in the '90s remembers the greatness that is Full House , whether you watched it on air or later as reruns — it was a childhood staple. Between Michelle Tanner's cuteness to the lesson you learned during each episode, watching Full House was always a good time, but the best part (at least looking back on it now) was all of the wonderful early '90s fashions that were prominently on display — especially the scrunchies.

The Full House era was also the era of the scrunchie. Scrunchies were a crucial element of the '90s and completely essential to the Tanner girls' style, and Kimmy Gibbler's too. Looking back at scrunchies now is kind of comical, because why did we need these giant, fluffy hair ties to hold up our ponytails and highlight our feathered bangs? But I guess that's the case with a lot of popular items — fashion over function.

The Tanners almost always had a scrunchie to go along with their fabulous fashions, so it was really hard to narrow down the best scrunchie moments from the show, but I think I may have succeeded... Below are the 13 best scrunchie moments from Full House.

1. When Michelle Had Pigtail Scrunchies

For some reason Stephanie and Michelle got in trouble for having a weird amount of leaves in their room, all while Michelle looked adorable in pigtails.

2. When DJ Tried To Look "Grown Up"

ABC Photo Archives/Disney ABC Television Group/Getty Images

And got in trouble for the way she was dressed and for wearing a heavy face of makeup. Classic.

3. When Everyone Got Older But Michelle Still Wore Scrunchies

It seems slightly older Michelle was blissfully unaware that scrunchies were going out of style. But still — so cute.

4. When Stephanie Rocked This Giant Checkered Number

Not only is this super cute because Michelle is giving a little attitude, but Stephanie's giant checkered scrunchie is priceless. It's basically the size of her skull.

5. When Stephanie Wore This Low Scrunchie

Very interesting scrunchie placement on Stephanie's part. My recollection of scrunchies was that you usually wore them like how Michelle is wearing her's — high on top of your head — but I like that Steph is changing things up.

6. When Becky Wore A Scrunchie

Yes, that is a grown adult wearing a scrunchie. That's how deep this trend went.

7. When Michelle & Stephanie Both Had Scrunchie Game

Can we also please talk about DJ's choker, Stephanie's pants and Michelle's entire outfit? The '90s were amazing.

8. When Kimmy, Michelle & Stephanie All Had Matching Hair

This was clearly the "It" hairstyle of the day.

9. When Stephanie Wore This Giant Contraption

OK, yes, technically Stephanie's hair decoration is a bow and not a scrunchie, but come on, that's pretty amazing.

10. When Stephanie Rocked This Iconic 'Do

Worn in the day one credits, if I remember correctly. Doesn't get any better than this.

11. When Stephanie Looked Like An Angel Compared To Her Friends

Gia was so cool back in the day. I'm willing to bet she didn't approve of Stephanie's angelic scrunchie.

12. When Kimmy's & Stephanie's Scrunchies Managed To Outshine DJ's Bangs

I love everything about this photo.

13. When Kimmy & DJ Wore Scrunchies To Climb A Mountain

BFF's that climb cliffs together and wear scrunchies together, stay together. Side note: Kimmy's climbing outfit is absolutely amazing.

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