Jacob Tremblay Is Excited To Meet Leonardo DiCaprio At The 2016 SAG Awards, Proving He Is All Of Us

Even if you haven't seen the movie Room yet this year, its young star has probably already stolen your heart. When asked what he was most excited about Saturday, we learned that SAG award nominee Jacob Tremblay wants to meet Leonardo DiCaprio and then debuted the "Tremblay Twirl" as his signature move in his E! interview. Tremblay is non-stop adorable, and he's taking all of Hollywood with him.

I mean good gravy, this child has already befriended Oscar Isaac and Johnny Depp this awards season. Is he going to leave anybody's crush unturned? Even Merlin fans got a treat when Bradley James held the mic for Tremblay during his speech. I can't wait to see if his DiCaprio dreams came true, because that's definitely going to be a cute story.

That little charmer is owning 2016. He may not have been nominated for an Academy Award (he will however be a presenter, so get ready for that adorableness) but he's surpassed every nominee in my heart, has tons of new projects on the horizon, and is definitely ready to party it up at the SAG Awards.

UPDATE: Tremblay met DiCaprio

Image: TNT