This 'Fuller House' Review By Jodie Sweetin's Kids Is So Enlightening — VIDEO

For Full House fans, the impending arrival of Netflix's reboot, Fuller House , doesn't come without its concerns. After all, reboots are very dangerous territory, as it's always a challenge to tell a new and interesting story while still keeping up the integrity of the older work. Not to mention that it's likely difficult for the actors to still feel like their old characters after years of different roles and ordinary lives. Few reboots of beloved movies and TV shows live up to the challenge, but fear not, Full House lovers — according to the Fuller House reviews by the two daughters of Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie Tanner, the new series is can't-miss TV.

Although fans won't be completely certain if Fuller House has truly passed the test until Feb. 26 when it becomes available on Netflix, these adorable reviews by Sweetin's young daughters for People should help ease any worries you might have. These very official critics, who were members of the live studio audience for the show's premiere episode, have positive feedback that should soothe your restless soul and make you even more excited for Fuller House than you probably already were. After all, what better people to give pop culture advice than the wise, Uncle Jesse-loving kids of a beloved former child star?

Here's what to expect from Fuller House, according to the Ebert and Roper of our time: Zoie, 7, and Beatrix, 5.

1. "It Was Really Cool"


High praise from Zoie.

2. "It Was Pretty Great"


Really cool and pretty great? That's some serious stuff.

3. The Show Features Lots Of Balloons


Which, naturally, excites these young critics.

4. Not Just Any Balloons, But A "Big Balloon Rainbow"


Alright, consider me intrigued.

5. The Balloons Are For A Party


Sweetin tells her daughters, "So you guys seem to really remember the balloons and the party." But what is this party for?! Come on, Jodie, don't leave me hanging.

6. There's A Lot Of People In The Show


Well, duh. It's not called Fuller House for nothing.

7. Uncle Jesse Is Both Girls' Favorite Character


They may be children, but they are clearly not fools.

8. But Stephanie is Zoie's Other Favorite Character


Perhaps a little mommy bias going on here.

8. Meanwhile, Beatrix Goes For Kimmy Gibbler


An interesting choice — perhaps Kimmy will have undergone some serious changes?

9. Uncle Jesse and Stephanie Sing A Song Together


And not just any song: Forever , Jesse's most iconic tune. I can't wait to see this.

Thanks to Beatrix and Zoie, I have much less fear about Fuller House (and even more excitement about Uncle Jesse's return). This outstanding review has given me high hopes for Netflix's new show, and a new appreciation for young, newly-discovered television critics.

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