Will An 'Office' Reunion Ever Happen? John Krasinski Gives Some Hope

I know my heart still hasn't left Scranton ever since the finale of The Office back in 2013, and it turns out John Krasinski's hasn't either. In an interview with Digital Spy, Krasinski said he wants an Office reunion to happen one day. "That world that is so spectacular and precious to me, so if there was any sort of get together I'd love to be there," Krasinski said. "If they'll still have me." Um, come on; I think it is safe to say everyone would want the man who once was Jim Halpert to be at any potential reunion.

Krasinski went on to say he wasn't sure how a reunion would work, though, and neither am I; the series finale was pretty much perfect, so if the old Scranton gang ever decides to reunite, they would need a really good reason. Still, while the actor said he didn't think a movie would work — and I tend to agree — there are lots of ways the former employees of Dunder Mifflin could reunite. For a show set in a small town, it created an expansive universe full of lovable characters. Each one of them has the potential to draw the others back together, from Michael to Dwight to, of course, Jim and Pam.

A reunion, whether in the form of a one-off special or a limited series, could totally work. Here are 12 ways The Office gang could get back together again.

1. A 10 Year Reunion To Mark The Airing Of The Documentary


The entire gang could reunite at Dwight and Angela's farm/B&B on the 10 year anniversary of the day the documentary aired. Not only would it be the perfect excuse to get the whole group back together, it would allow the viewers to see the Scranton crew without cameras on them at all times. What would they be like 10 years later? Would Jim still want to prank Dwight? Would any of them be famous? Did Nellie get away with kidnapping Ryan's baby? I still have so many questions.

2. Creed Disappears, Leading To Investigators To Seek Out His Old Co-Workers


There is no end to Creed's weirdness. I can totally see him disappearing and leaving a random trail back to his old co-workers in the process. This would prompt them all to reunite and... OK, it would be a strange premise, but you would totally watch it.

3. Michael Has A Mid-Life Crisis


Sure, Michael's life looked perfect at Dwight and Angela's wedding, but would Michael be Michael if he was ever truly satisfied? A mid-life crisis could prompt him to hit the road seeking out the advice of his old friends and trying to recapture the "good old days" in the process.

4. The Documentary Crew Decides To Do An Up Style Series


The Up series is a collection of documentaries about a group of people who have been filmed every seven years since they were seven. If the Dunder-Mifflin documentary was popular enough it would not be too much of a stretch to see the crew tracking down the company's former employees for an update.

5. Jim & Pam Renew Their Vows


No one from Dundler-Mifflin would miss a Jim and Pam wedding... well, maybe Stanley.

6. Everyone Gets A Mysterious Invite From Ryan


The magnificent spiral into crazytown of Ryan Howard was one of the show's most curious subplots. I definitely got the feeling he would end up randomly becoming an eccentric millionaire, though, and when he does, he will feel obliged to invite his co-workers to his extravagant mansion to rub in his (sure to be short-lived) success.

7. A Christmas Special


The British series wrapped with a Christmas special, and while it's not common practice in the United States to do one-off Christmas specials, it would make for a terrific excuse for a feel good holiday reunion. Besides, The Office always did the best holiday episodes.

8. Subtle Sexuality Reunites For A One-Night Show


Would anyone dare reject an e-vite from Kelly Kapoor?

9. The Documentary Is Adapted Into A Movie


Half of Hollywood wants to play Dwight, and poor Andy gets written out altogether, but everyone still shows up for the premiere, which is as surreal as you are imagining it would be.

10. Michael Starts His Own Business & Wants To Hire Everyone Back


The reunion title: The Office Goes Paperless.

11. Andy Creates His Own Web Series & Guilts Everyone Into Guest Starring


Andy is never going to stop chasing fame, so The Office writers should use that to their advantage to produce a low budget web series. Each episode could feature a different character. It's not the same as a big reunion, but the potential for hilarity is high.

12. A Cast Retrospective


There is nothing wrong with simplicity if it results in Steve Carell, Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, and Mindy Kaling in the same room together again.

The possibilities for an Office reunion are endless. I say give it a couple more years, and then NBC (or Netflix) will likely make Krasinski's dream come true.

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