The 'Grease Live!' Hand Jive Dance Moves Perfectly Honored The Movie's Unforgettable Scene

With new songs and updated dialogue, you may have been upset with some of the changes that Grease Live! made to the iconic musical. But when it came to the school dance, there was nothing to complain about (besides some sound cutting out) since "Born To Hand Jive" honored the Grease movie perfectly. While the scene didn't use the exact choreography from the 1978 film, it paid homage with some classic moves that had any devout Grease fan dancing from the couch.

Although no one (and I mean no one!) can top John Travolta's dance skills, Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko did a commendable job. While Julianne Hough is, of course, a fabulous dancer, Grease Live! kept true to Sandy not being completely in the spotlight during the televised dance, by having her be camera shy because she lied to her parents about where she was. However, Danny and Sandy still got to do their innocent dance moves before Cha Cha took over — though I must say Cha Cha from the movie (Annette Charles) gave a much stronger performance than Cha Cha in Grease Live!.

With Rizzo getting down and dirty and Patty Simcox and Eugene getting down and nerdy, Grease Live!'s "Born To Hand Jive" embraced all of the greatest moments of Grease the movie. You can see some of their dance moves from the "Rock 'n Roll Is Here To Stay" part of the dance below, then check out some of the best gif-able dance moves to relive the magic.

Aaron Tveit Channeling John Travolta

Get your spin on, Tveit!

Patty Simcox Embracing Her Cheerleading Skills

If only her skirt had stayed on!

Sandy & Danny Being Adorable

Hough was a vision in her Olivia Newton-John-inspired dress.

Rizzo & Her Scorpion Date Being NSFW

Oh, Vanessa Hudgens — how far you've come from High School Musical.

Check out the full dance scene from 1978's Grease below to cure the bout of nostalgia Grease Live! surely gave you.

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Images: Kevin Estrada/FOX; Giphy (4)