Are Ben & Jubilee Friends After 'The Bachelor'? Their Relationship May Not Last Forever

There have been many potential villains this season on The Bachelor. Lace and Olivia were frontrunners for the title pretty early on, but another unwittingly joined the group — and she doesn't really deserve the title. Bachelor contestant Jubilee has been the target of the ladies' disdain. The house seemed collectively jealous that Ben is quickly connecting with her. He seemed slightly enamored and wholly impressed by Jubilee, and that rubbed the house the wrong way. But, sometimes the pair's chats come off more buddy-buddy than flirty. But, will Ben Higgins stay friends with Jubilee if he doesn't end up seeing her as his potential bride?

Well, no one has come out with their post-show feelings for each other quite yet because we are still only a short way into the season. Unfortunately for us, since the show keeps their contestants pretty tight lipped before their eliminations, we don't know for sure whether these two are still friends, hate each other, or are happily engaged. We can, however, speculate wildly about it. If fans take a look at how these two interacted during their season, we can at least guess how they are doing after the show airs. Personally, I don't see her going all the way, so I definitely think we may see how their relationship has fared sooner rather than later.

Something that Jubilee has against her are her own insecurities. Last week Ben seemed a little annoyed that she kept doubting their relationship, since he had thought it was going well. And, the upcoming episode previews have teased that her jealous side will bust out soon and it won't not pretty. If that irks Ben, and he sends her packing, it probably won't be a mutually mellow elimination. I could see there being some tension between them once she leaves.

And, speaking of villains, Ben has been busy defending Olivia's honor since the season has started airing but I haven't seen much Jubilee-defending coming from his way. There have also been rumblings that she may be chosen as the next Bachelorette. So, it doesn't seem like she and Ben are set to be together forever.

A look through Jubilee's Instagram and Facebook shows very little in the way of Ben love. Mostly generic show promotion that ends after the second episode.

Not very promising for a post-show relationship unless she's keeping it on the way, way down low.

The only thing that I could see that could hold these two together as friends is the fact that they really connected on their date over family tragedies. They completely opened up to each other and had a really sweet and genuine bonding moment that is rarely seen on the show.

I suppose we will have to wait and see how long Jubilee lasts. And, if she gets eliminated, how hers and Ben's relationship and friendship will fare.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC