Taylor Swift & Gigi Hadid Sing Along To 'Grease Live!' & 8 Other Times Swift Was A Total Fangirl — VIDEO

While the world was freaking out on Sunday night watching Grease Live! and reenacting scenes from their couches, some of my favorite celebrities were also reacting to the show. In fact, if you follow a certain someone on Snapchat, you already know what I'm talking about. Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift sang along to Grease while they watched the show together, and there is a video to prove it. Just in case you weren't convinced that these adorable BFFs are basically all of us, this should do the trick. Thanks to Hadid, who seems to have filmed her friend on the sly, there is footage of Swift passionately singing along to "Hopelessly Devoted to You," couch dancing included.

Unfortunately, that's all that's out there of their Grease activities, although if you ask me, those ten seconds are all the proof you need that Swift and her friends desperately need reality cameras following them everywhere they go, even on nights like that one. And even though I (and plenty of others) am a huge Swift fangirl, one of the things I love most about her is that she isn't immune to getting excited about her favorite celebrities, musicians, and TV events, just like the rest of us.

Need more proof? There is plenty out there, and these are just a few examples of times where Swift got completely starstruck.

1. When She Wore The Same Lipstick As Hilary Duff

When a fan asked Swift what kind of lipstick she wears on Tumblr, she replied:

Dragon Girl by Nars. Another good one is Luxembourg by Nars but it’s glossier. I bought it cause I heard on the radio that Hilary Duff uses it. And Hilary Duff is a magical princess.

Being that I bought Dragon Girl because Taylor Swift uses it, this is a never ending cycle. Also, she's absolutely right — Duff is a magical princess, and we should all bow down to her.

2. When She Loved John Green & Made Him Freak Out

Knowing that Swift has read and loved Green's books the same way I have is just one more way she's united with me... and everyone else who still cries when they read or watch The Fault in Our Stars, and I know that has to be a lot of people.

3. When She Promoted All These Musicians

She makes playlists like the rest of us make playlists. Mine usually only consist of Swift, Beyoncé, and One Direction songs, but whatevs.

4. When Ellen DeGeneres Surprised Her With Justin Timberlake

FlackeyR on YouTube

In this video, enjoy baby Swift with curly hair freaking out to everyone's favorite member of *NSync. Who wouldn't react to Timberlake like that?!

5. When Swift Died At The Fact That Mariska Hargitay & Ellen Pompeo Posed Together For Her

She did name her cats after them, so it's only natural.

6. When She Counted Down The Days 'Til Ryan Adams' 1989 Cover Album

There were multiple posts like this one across all social media, so there's no way you missed it if you follow her. The excitement was definitely palpable.

7. When Grey's Anatomy Used One Of Her Songs For The First Time

Greys MiiL gRaU on YouTube

Swift has always been open about the fact that Grey's is her favorite show, so this video of her reaction to "White Horse" being played on screen is priceless. Look how young she is!

8. When She Performed With Alanis Morissette

Can these two please record a super emotional/angry duet?

Moral of the story? Never, ever feel bad if you meet Taylor Swift and totally lose your mind. She's been there. She gets it.