Does Ben Like Olivia? 'The Bachelor' Sends Mixed Signals

Everyone with a pulse knows that there is a major event occurring this week: the fifth episode of The Bachelor. True fans have been keeping track of their fantasy drafts for the reality show more meticulously than those NFL counterparts, and viewers are dying to see what happens this week now that there are only 11 contestants left on the show. Who will Ben select to continue on his journey of love? There is one person who I think all fans have in mind, considering last week’s tumultuous episode: Olivia. But does Ben like Olivia, really?

Though Olivia definitely considers herself to be the front-runner this season, it is sometimes unclear whether or not Ben agrees with her self-assuredness. Still, it's hard to ignore her potential; this season of The Bachelor is doing an excellent job of dedicating so much screen time to Olivia and whatever she happens to be thinking about at the moment. It’s all very captivating, but what real fans want to know is how Ben actually feels about OIivia — if he truly likes her, or is he just keeping her around for entertainment value. Let’s explore all the possibilities.

He Did Give Her The First Impression Rose...

It was pretty clear from the get-go who Ben thought deserved the coveted first impression rose. Before Olivia was even done saying "hi," Ben said that she was stunning. Olivia went on to have a relatively coy first conversation with Ben, admitting her nerves and asking if he had any dimples. She then explained to him all that she had sacrificed (her job and allegedly a boyfriend) to come on the show, and Ben was taken with her candor. It was all pretty cute, and Ben fell for it hook, line and sinker, bestowing unto her that first rose that ultimately set her up to believe she never had to wait through a rose ceremony again.

...And They Have Scientifically Proven Chemistry

In the second episode, Olivia proved that she is much more than a pretty face — she smells good, too. According to tests run in a "Smell Lab" (OK, Bachelor), Olivia and Ben had the best chemistry based on their odors, which the audience could also sense whenever they were alone together. Ben took this as another excuse to give her the first impression rose — something he definitely wouldn't have done if he wasn't into her.

He Keeps Giving Her The Last Rose...

...which Olivia interprets as him giving her "little signals" that he knows she can handle because she is so confident in their relationship, yet they really might be a sign of his indecision. Does he want to call her last to keep her on her toes, or just because he's trying to show her that he no longer thinking of her as a priority?

...But Says That The Roses Are Just "Signs"

In the last episode, Ben reminded Olivia that the roses that he had given her were good things, but that she needed to be able to handle them better. She didn't seem to be phased by this news, but when Ben picked her last again, viewers, at least, became totally confused.

It's not quite clear what Ben truly thinks of Olivia, but the only option is for fans to wait and see how the rest of their romance plays out on Monday's The Bachelor.

Image: ABC