Can You Adopt The Kittens From The Puppy Bowl? Animal Planet's Big Game Supports A Good Cause

Although the focus of the Puppy Bowl is obviously always on puppies, Animal Planet's adorable solution to Super Bowl Sunday has been known to feature hedgehogs who cheerlead, birds who tweet, and cats who halftime. As in years past, the dogs in Puppy Bowl XII were all up for adoption, but can you adopt the cats featured in the Puppy Bowl? For the 2015 Puppy Bowl, a cat named Katty Furry "performed" for the halftime show in honor of Katy Perry being the halftime performer at last year's Super Bowl, so understandably, cat lovers would be curious if they could adopt the purrfect performers (I had to do it!), just like those puppies out on the playing field.

The Huffington Post wrote that in 2015, all of the dogs and cats featured in the Puppy Bowl were shelter animals and specifically said that all Puppy Bowl puppies were up for adoption, without explicitly stating if the cats also could be adopted. The Animal Planet Puppy Bowl website itself states that all of the puppies and kittens in the show come from shelters across the country, so that should mean all of the cats are able to be adopted like their canine companions. And although the dogs from the Puppy Bowl have been adopted either before or since the filming of Puppy Bowl XII, the Animal Planet program still does a fantastic job encouraging people to adopt pets.

If you still feel like the adoption of the cats haven't been given enough attention by the Puppy Bowl, then you will appreciate that in a response to a comment from the above Facebook post, the official Puppy Bowl page did confirm that all of the animals that are in its show — including halftime kitties — are rescue animals.

While this year's Puppy Bowl halftime show won't be channeling the performances of Coldplay and Beyonce that will be going down at Super Bowl 50, it will feature kittens playing in a mock San Francisco. With puntastic locations such as "Al-Cat-Raz," the halftime show will be using inquisitive kittens frolicking in the streets of San Fran to represent the location of the 2016 Super Bowl since its taking back at Levi's Stadium — home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Even if you can't stop saying "aww" while watching the Puppy Bowl halftime show, you should know that it is with fair certainty that I state these kittens have probably already been adopted. The Puppy Bowl was filmed all the way back in October and since all of those little doggies have been adopted, I'm pretty sure the cats have been too. But! Look on the bright side — those kittens now have a happy home to grow up in. Plus, you could go adopt a cat who hasn't been blessed with a high-profile gig like the Puppy Bowl from a local shelter.

So, enjoy watching all of the cuddly, adopted animals on Puppy Bowl XII on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 7 (tailgate starts at 2:30 p.m.) even if you can't own those exact furry friends on screen. And if the Puppy Bowl doesn't provided you with enough cat action, you can always watch the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark earlier in the day at 12 p.m. since I guarantee no shortage of cats over there.

Images: Animal Planet (2)