Puppy Bowl Halftime Star Katty Furry vs. Katy Perry: Unfortunately, They're Nothing Alike

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here! No, not Super Bowl Sunday. Puppy Bowl Sunday. And if you're not so much a dog person and prefer cats, like me, all is not lost: The halftime act is a cat. Much like the actual Super Bowl's halftime performer, Katy Perry, the feline star of the Puppy Bowl is Katty Furry, and I cannot wait to see her perform. In case you don't know much about Katty Furry, you're not alone — she came from a family who recently realized she's particularly good at meowing along to music. In the halftime show on Animal Planet, Furry will be meowing along to "Roar," her namesake's hit. How precious is this going to be?!

I will unquestionably love any cat who appears on TV to serenade me with Katy Perry songs, so I don't doubt that Furry will be blowing the roof off this place with her performance. What I really want to know: How much will she actually be like the real Katy Perry? Unfortunately, aside from her outfit, the two were basically nothing alike. When it was finally Furry's big moment, she froze — no such meowing that I was promised happened. Just the karaoke version of "Roar" playing the background while Furry stared blankly at the camera, obviously wishing she was off somewhere napping or chasing birds.

OK, so for the good: Furry's outfit was basically a very accurate replica of the peppermint-themed dress Perry has been seen in on more than one occasion... and the blue wig was spot on. She has the beauty of Perry. She seems regal, like Perry. She can obviously command a stage, much like Perry. The vocals, though? Nonexistent. I've sat through an hour of puppies (albeit adorable ones) for this? I'm not sure I'd put her on tour or anything, but I would definitely pet her and feed her treats.

It's OK, Furry. I'd freeze under pressure, too. And fortunately, the kittens in the control room were willing to do a little damage control and bring in the extra adorable. Can I have every kitten, please?

Image: Puppy Bowl/Facebook